Need to Lose 100 LBS -Robins Thread !



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    Hi this is a random question but @KATRENAJ I noticed that you mentioned antihistamines. I was wondering if you had experienced any weight gain whilst on them? Hope you don't mind me asking!!!!!!!
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    The Winter Games

    Name: Cellosmiles
    Age: 37
    Height: 5' 3"
    Highest weight: 257

    Start Weight (Jan 1, 2018) 227
    Goal Weight (Friday, Feb 23, 2018) 217

    Weigh-ins on week of
    Jan 5: 223.4
    Jan 12: 224.2
    Jan 19: 226.6
    Jan 26: 226.6
    Feb 2nd: 225.2
    Feb 9: 225.2
    Feb 16: 228.2
    Feb 23: 231.2

    Weight -/+ this week: +3
    Weight -/+ this challenge: +4.2
    Total weight lost: -25.8

    Not a good week at all! Was so stressed over work issues and my boss coming to visit me :s

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    Name: Tracy
    Age: 44
    Height: 5’5”
    Highest Weight: 274
    Current Weight: 210
    Goal weight: 190

    Weigh-ins on week of
    Jan 5: 202.8
    Jan 12: 200.8
    Jan 19: 201.2
    Jan 26:201.0
    Feb 2nd:199.0
    Feb 9:198.6
    Feb 16: 196.0
    Feb 23:196.6

    Weight -/+ this week: +.6
    Weight -/+ this challenge: -13.4
    Total weight lost: 77.4 lbs.
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    Hi all! I am new here and let me introduce myself.

    My name is Eva. 44 years young :)
    Height: 5`9"
    Highest weight: 264.4 lb (2017.Apr.)
    Current weight: 258.8 lb
    Goal weight: 175 lb I`ll hope can reach this number someday.

    Started MFP this week thuesday ( 4 days ago )
    I am looking for friends who can help me and motivate me and do the same for them. It is a long road for me and will make it easier if I can share this with friends.

    Wish everybody good luck and be strong!!!!

    Feel free add me as a friend.
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    kbeyer23 wrote: »
    @BarneyRubbleMD Great job being accountable to yourself. You got off track, but looks like you stopped before completely derailing and are getting back at it. That is no easy feat in my experience and I'm proud of you!

    @kbeyer23 ,

    Thanks! I feel like I'm back on track as of today (2/23/2018). Lowering my carbs down to about 125 grams seems to help as I seem to binge on carbs more often whenever my daily carbs total over 180. I've had this multi-day binge thing happen before & gained 12 lbs before too (likely a lot of water weight from digesting so many carbs) and a lot of that increased weight came off the following week when I didn't binge but it took a total of 1 month to get back to where I was weight-wise before that binge. I think the only reason my multi-day binges eventually end is because I just get tired of binging--I just wish I could find a way to stop them in their tracks after one binge meal or even after one binge day as that wouldn't wipe out a month's worth of weight loss effort. What keeps me from just "throwing in the towel" when these binges happen is looking back at the "big picture" in that I'm still way ahead from where I started (i.e. 94 lbs weight lost since 1/3/2017 vs 107 lbs before this recent binge happened).
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    The Winter Games

    Name: Barb
    Age: 70
    Height: 5'3”
    Highest weight: 258
    Start Weight (Jan 1, 2018): 204.8
    Goal Weight (Friday, Feb 23, 2018): 195

    Weigh-ins on week of
    Jan 5: 206.2
    Jan 12: 202.8
    Jan 19: 202.8
    Jan 26: 204.2
    Feb 2nd: 202.8
    Feb 9: 203
    Feb 16: 203
    Feb 23: 204.6

    Weight -/+ this week: +1.6
    Weight -/+ this challenge: -.2
    Total Weight loss overall: -53.4


    I'm going to wait until tomorrow to do the report, hopefully some of the stragglers will get their reports in so their final numbers are included. :)
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    Name: Catherine
    Age: 51
    Height: 5'3"
    Highest weight: 256 lbs.

    Start Weight (Jan 1, 2018): 220.6 lbs.
    Goal Weight (Friday, Feb 23, 2018): (199 lbs.)
    Weigh-ins on week of
    Jan 5: 219
    Jan 12: 215.6
    Jan 19: 214.4
    Jan 26: 211
    Feb 2: 210.4
    Feb 9: 210
    Feb 16: 208
    Feb 23: 206.2

    Weight -/+ this week: -1.8 lbs
    Weight -/+ this challenge: -13.8 lbs
    Total weight lost since 1/15/16: -49.8 lbs
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    Thank you @bapcarrier for running the challenge. I know that it was extra effort on you and I wanted you to know that I appreciated you.

    That was the first time that I have taken part in a challenge. I usually don't like to do these because I have to actually put down my actual weight for the world to see and I don't want the world to see it. But everyone here has made me feel safe and confident to share.

    Work has kept me busy but I still love it. It has been pouring down rain forever it seems here in Dallas area. I usually don't mind the rain but I hate it when it is cold and wet. I could never live up north where it snows. We get an inch of snow and get excited here that is enough for me.

    Well nothing else noteworthy to say just have a great weekend everyone.
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    Success this week was making better choices when eating out.
    @kbeyer23 I used resistance bands this week some things worked good others not so well.
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    Welcome @flgirl141 and @amberkins. We're glad you are here. You will find a lot of motivation and support as we are all on the same journey.

    Have been reading everyone's posts, just haven't had time to respond. Thank you very much @bapcarrier for keeping the stats for the challenge. It was much appreciated by everyone!

    Hope everyone is having a good Sunday!
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    Good Sunday:
    My name is Holly, I am 44 single living in Minneapolis MN. This is my second time doing this last time I was here I started at 265 dropped to 238 than my son died. I ate my life away for 2 yrs tipping scale at 285 I decided to try again. I’m down to 264 and still struggling along.
    I will say not liking the snow and cold and shoveled way to much this week making me want to move to warmer climate.
    My short term goal is to reach 245 so I can try zip lining and sky diving.
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    Hello (again), This will be my third or fourth time trying to lose weight. I get so de-motivated and give up at the smallest thing. Now I had a doctor tell me to cut the soda and sweets and he wants to schedule a blood glucose test, and I'm scared. hopefully scared enough to actually stick to my goals. I met with a trainer who wrote me a simple program for the machines at the gym, I need to cut the excuses and do it.

    I'm hoping to stick around longer this time, It's nice to check back in all this time and see some familiar names. :)
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    @Nikion901 :) Thanks
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    @bapcarrier Thanks for all you did for us. Now go and have a wonderful month. We'll be here waiting to hear all about it when you return in April. (and ditto the gifs that @Nikion901 posted!) :smile:

    @moodybear2003 Welcome. It's a hard road but a journey we all share. Every journey of a thousand miles starts with one step. You can do this!

    We had a family birthday dinner for my son-in-law last night. I pre-planned for the day. I know...not a good idea but I skipped anything to eat until dinner time, but it was an early dinner. Even after entering my dinner, I had over 700 calories left. My daughter brought cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory. I looked it up on MFP and one slice was 500 calories so I had it and savored every bite. Not the best nutrition decision but I didn't go over on my calories. Hopefully that won't hurt me on WI day.

    Happy Monday everyone!

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    Monday Check-in
    Well, my weight is doing the usual up/down/up again think it does every day. And no, I didn't go over my calories, even with the dinner at Cracker Barrel yesterday. I actually has a deficit yesterday that 'should' track out to a 1/2 pound loss in 7 days if I keep that same deficit ... You know something?

    Those math formulas never work for me!
    I have spent the last 3 years working with the numbers from my tedious and time consuming spreadsheets; besides logging every morsel that passes through my lips into the food diary, and weighing myself daily to have the data I seek for the calculations ... I've come to the conclusion that 'it don't mean squat' as far as being able to foretell, guestimate, or quantify accurately to what will really occur. It's one puzzle I am tired of playing. And yet, I do love mathematical puzzles, as well as jig-saw puzzles, SODUKO, Gin Rummy, Mahjong and other Solitaire-type games.

    This week, week 9 of 2018 in my diary ... my goals are to continue striving to balance my daily intake so it is better in-tune with my needs vs my desires. Also to continue striving to get in my bodies required level of soluble and insoluble fiber so that I am a 'smooth-runner' :# And of course I will strive to eat less and play more.

    PS ... I am also tired of this computer/system/whatever word filler ... I will leave the wrong words in place and if you spot them as you read em ... make a list and have a good laugh along with me. :)