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Need to Lose 100 LBS -Robins Thread !

RobinsEggRobinsEgg Posts: 3,702Member Member Posts: 3,702Member Member
Hello Everyone!

Welcome to our discussion. We are a great community - both men and women
- and provide excellent support and motivation for your personal weight
loss journey.

This is not a group. This is an ongoing discussion of support and motivation and you can easily participate. There is no "joining" to do. Just post a comment! happy That's all it takes. Go to the last - most current page (600 and counting)and write a comment - whatever you feel like saying, and click the REPLY button. You will be welcomed by other people posting and hopefully you will return often. I try to send a welcoming message within a week of your first post.

After posting, you can find your way back by checking your "COMMUNITY"
tab, then on the "MY DISCUSSIONS" listing, and all the DISCUSSIONS you
have posted to will show up. If you click on the STAR to the right of the
DISCUSSIONS, that selects them as your favorites. Then you can click on
the Titles of the DISCUSSIONS and doing that will return you to the most
current posting on the DISCUSSIONS thread.

GOALS and IDEAS for daily posts (Not mandatory)

Monday - Check In (how are you doing? Had any successes or struggles this week-end?)

Tuesday - Goals (do you have any Goals you want to update us?)

Wednesday - Wishes (what do you wish? It can be weight related or not, can be realistic or not)

Thursday - Truth (got anything you need to fess up to or get off your chest?)

Friday - Fitness (what are you doing to get fit? How are you preparing for weekend eating?

Saturday - Success (what have you accomplished; focus on the positive of the week, NSV=non scale victories)

Sunday - Sharing (tell us a little about yourself....update your personal life)

Welcome to each and every one of you as you start this journey - Robin
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  • MyM0wM0wMyM0wM0w Posts: 2,014Member Member Posts: 2,014Member Member
    Thanks for the heads up!

    Love me some pharalope!
  • RobinsEggRobinsEgg Posts: 3,702Member Member Posts: 3,702Member Member
    I'm going down the pages starting from 13, 12, 11,...... I've got CelticHippo, jtconst, tungsten, mnwalkingqueen,Morgoi, lizmil, and I'll keep working back from there............
  • Lauriek70Lauriek70 Posts: 2,099Member Member Posts: 2,099Member Member
    Hi Thanks for the heads up. I will find a few more members as well. Will post when I check my friends list.

    That moderator was not very nice.

    I am surprised it was a problem.

    Robin- Thanks for starting this thread again. Long may it live.

    Starting on page 11: regojess, ravenlaramie, allyjoy83, Annie 219, Cia_Clayton, Linder 4866, Big Aug
  • RobinsEggRobinsEgg Posts: 3,702Member Member Posts: 3,702Member Member
    I'll jump to page 10 then thanks laurie ................:heart:
  • GrammyWhammyGrammyWhammy Posts: 494Member Member Posts: 494Member Member
    Bumpity Bump Bump
  • karenleonakarenleona Posts: 3,985Member Member Posts: 3,985Member Member
    I did not understand the comment that the moderator made before the thread was locked down so I am grateful that Robin messaged me.
    glad to see it will be continuing
  • karenleonakarenleona Posts: 3,985Member Member Posts: 3,985Member Member
    MFP Management is working on putting a link in the locked thread so people can find this thread. Oh boy, I really stepped into it when I decided to put that CLOSED statement at the top of the thread. Someone complained and all H-E-L-L broke loose. The mngmt was very polite about it in their PM to me, but their action was very swift! I am also not to use the term Moderator, since I am not an official one. So I am now your humble facilitator. :laugh:

    a link would be helpful cause i went back to the thread and it was just locked with no info on why or where to go after
    i beleive the thread had been closed before and there was no problem but i can see the point now that i have figured out the difference between forums and groups.....i am a bit slow on the uptake some days :bigsmile:
  • vickimiethvickimieth Posts: 333Member Member Posts: 333Member Member
    ok, so occasionally MFP admin can be sticks-in-the-mud.
    Thanks for getting the word out, Robin!
  • Lauriek70Lauriek70 Posts: 2,099Member Member Posts: 2,099Member Member
    Update on my progress for getting the word out/

    Working on page 11: Messages sent to rejojess, ravenlaramie, allyjoy83, Annie, Cia_clayton, Big Aug, Falcom, trmjnnmin, mjsylva, vinsonh42, tekavincent, monachris.

    Once the 10 minutes are expired I will send to beachgirl 613, alley kat 69, uskhii, doomcakes and krisslim.

    I did have a good night rock climbing but my arms are tired.

    PAGE 10 DONE:bigsmile:
  • tootsandersontootsanderson Posts: 1,638Member Member Posts: 1,638Member Member
    oh good grief. what was that chick's problem? she couldn't stand not being welcomed to a group she's very unlikely to be welcomed into anyway based on her behavior? wth? anyway, whatever. i'm terrible remembering names but if you give me some peeps to contact i will pm them
  • RobinsEggRobinsEgg Posts: 3,702Member Member Posts: 3,702Member Member
    Laurie - thanks :heart: - I got pg. 9 done - will go for page 8. Thanks for listing names so I dont repeat. Here's who I got:
    Susan2396, nocholsvj, mom2cubs, vinsonh42, AuntieVava, Vickimieth, Shygur, joerobbins2001, and tekavincent.

    Your arms are good tired right?
  • TaratruexTaratruex Posts: 215Member, Premium Member Posts: 215Member, Premium Member
    What happened?! I'm on vacation so I'm on my phone.
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