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Need to Lose 100 LBS -Robins Thread !



  • Mom2CubsMom2Cubs Member Posts: 54 Member Member Posts: 54 Member
    Thanks for letting me know about the new thread.
    I guess my biggest success right now is everyone had pizza and wings last night for dinner and I had a salad with grilled chicken and light Ranch dressing. I also haven't had a Dr. Pepper in 3 days. (That in itself is a minor miracle.) I don't smoke, drink alcohol or do drugs, but I am addicted to Dr. Pepper. It is the hardest thing for me to give up. I am on glass 5 of water today and have been drinking 10+ glasses a day. I find the more water I drink (sometimes with some MIO in in), the more I want.
  • ravenlaramieravenlaramie Member Posts: 165 Member Member Posts: 165 Member
    I'd like to preface this by saying... Thank you so much, Laurie, for the message letting me know about the thread moving. Everyone has been such a help to me- I'd have been lost without you all :'(
    I had my son's lab do a number behind both my knees with an expandable leash, boy had a terrible burn for several days, hate getting tangled up in those things.


    @Monarchris Oh I know what you mean lol. Our previous baby, Tascha, was a little hellion on one of those. She broke so many and left me with rope burn on my hands and legs more times than I can count lol. I got wise with Nero though- no expandable leashes for him! lol
    OH! @Raven- I am SO glad that sweet looking pup didn't do something terrible on purpose! He does look like a lover, not a biter. smile Heal up soon!

    @Naceto lol He has his moments where he wants to rough house but it's all play to him. For the most part he's just a little momma's boy. Loves to snuggle and give lots of kisses! Oh- and tackle people rofl.
    Success Saturday- I actually CRAVE water. I know that's not much, but it makes me happy that I rather drink water than a coke. I also crave less junk food. :)

    @DoomCakes That's actually a lot twin. I wish I could say I was to that point. I crave less and less junk food and sodas but I still get a craving for 'em. I'm proud of you :D
  • ShrinkRapt451ShrinkRapt451 Member Posts: 447 Member Member Posts: 447 Member
    Glad to see everybody here! Robin, you're a great threadmom (my favorite term for what you do here). If you decide that it's easier to manage a group with only one thread (or just a couple), that's fine with me.

    @ Aug, congrats on the scale finally moving! And getting back to measuring/weighing portions; I remember the video you posted that demonstrated just how important that is!

    @ nicholsvj, I like to hard-boil a dozen eggs and then just keep them in the fridge. They're good all week. I also eat a Chobani Champions Greek yogurt along with something else most mornings these days. (Got away from Atkins shakes because of the GI effects of the sugar substitute.) The yogurt is yummy (it's designed for kids), 100 calories, 8g protein, only 12g carbs. And it doesn't take long to eat, because one serving is 3.5 oz.

    Oh, and @ nicole: I know you gave up your Fage yogurt because of the sugar content. Check out the Chobani (above). 1g sugar per 3.5 oz.

    @ all: here's to getting good sleep. I made it to bed before 11 the last two nights, and I can sure tell that I got more than 5-6 hours. I feel so much better! Which is good, because I'm on call today, and who knows what kind of sleep I'll get (or not get)?

    Saturday Success: I did pretty well keeping my carbs down later this week, though not so much early in the week. My average for the month is over goal -- 189, and goal is 150 -- but at least the average is under 200! Today's menu will put me under 150. I also got 4 workouts in, which is the goal. I can definitely do better, but right now I'm managing okay.

    Next week will be a bit of a challenge. My mom will be in town, and I'll be throwing two parties for my little one's birthday (one for small ones and one for family) next Saturday. So I'll need to be extra vigilant with calories and carbs this week, because I expect to go over on Saturday. And "extra vigilant" is a lot harder with a guest in town; will have to devote some extra energy to dinners at home, rather than eating out.
  • RobinsEggRobinsEgg Member Posts: 3,702 Member Member Posts: 3,702 Member
    DoomCakes - you've come a long way - glad you're enjoying your water now!

    janak - enjoy your bowling night!

    Sprinkles - I know you, welcome to our little'll fit right in!

    Bella - you are so good taking care of both your mom and your sis. I hope the Rehab facility will be good for your mom. Maybe her quilting friends will visit her and possibly help in some way. I know you'll want to do the drs. visits yourself so you'll know what's going on. Hope you get help cleaning that big house of hers.

    Mom2cubs - I still indulge in a diet Dr. Pepper when I want a sweet treat - is that wicked of me? I dont think so!!

    About going to a group - frankly, my dears, I don't give a
    ! I'll do anything you all decide upon. This most current name change doesn't seem to be drawing as many newbies though. :flowerforyou:
  • Lauriek70Lauriek70 Member Posts: 2,099 Member Member Posts: 2,099 Member
    Success this week was dropping a clothing size this week. I am very happy with this outcome since the scale has not been kind to me.

    Toots- I hope you mom is okay and good for her for sticking up for others even if it puts her in danger.

    Shrinkrapt- Glad you were able to get some sleep. Hope you are able to sleep tonight as well.

    Welcome to Sprinkles.

    Tomorrow I will try zip lining for the first time. I am excited but nervous as well. It will involve climbing and traversing several rope bridges. Balance is not my strong suit so I will see what happens. It should be a good afternoon tomorrow.

    Have a great day.
  • tootsandersontootsanderson Member Posts: 1,638 Member Member Posts: 1,638 Member
    Toots- I hope you mom is okay and good for her for sticking up for others even if it puts her in danger.

    i guess :laugh: i'd rather she didn't do it. the people she lives around aren't the kind of people you cross.

    @toots I'm worried too for your mum now! I do hope you can persuade her to move somewhere safer.

    i brought it up today but she isn't thrilled with my suggestion. i feel like it's some kind of reversed 'fresh prince of bel air' lol
    Toots - your mom sounds like a typical mom - can't ignore another woman getting pushed around. God love her. Sorry to hear she got hurt. Hugs to her. Nice to hear you help support her, what a good daughter you are. :heart:

    well, they didn't try to beat up the other girl, just my mom. so the other girl did better than she did. but i'm not sure how nice a daughter i am. she doesn't have enough money and i can't imagine most other children wouldn't do the same.
    @Toots- Super scary about your mom! I live next door to my sister is always bravely confronting crazier folk than she is. It scares the heck out of me! I am always so torn between cheering her on for her bravery and kicking her tushy myself, for putting herself in a position of potential danger. I hope your mom is feeling better, and is a bit more cautious next time, if not for her own sake, then at least for yours.

    yeah, i really don't know. i'm a very cautious person who thinks about every action i take before i do it. so i don't even understand doing something dangerous unless it's like my family in danger.
  • susan2396susan2396 Member Posts: 794 Member Member Posts: 794 Member
    Great to read everyone's successes this week. Mine is not food or exercise related, but breathing a breath of fresh air. I went for my first mammogram. They saw a little bubble of some kind and wanted to run an image again. Well, yesterday I went to get the right twin poked, prodded, smashed and everything is fine!!! Breast cancer is not in my family, but that doesn't matter. It can happen to any of us. Save the ta-ta's!!!!!
  • tbrptbrp Member Posts: 386 Member Member Posts: 386 Member
    Saturday check in - hello all. Laurie - thanks for the email.

    Success today... we were at the fairgrounds all day, and according to my fitbit I walked over 9 1/2 miles and the equivalent of over 72 flights of stairs. Woohoo! :happy: I could never have done that last year.

    Pretty tired now though so heading off to rest. Have a great evening everyone.
  • mnwalkingqueenmnwalkingqueen Member Posts: 1,193 Member Member Posts: 1,193 Member
    Happy Saturday Night!!

    NSV is not weight or health related- I am happy to have a supportive man in my life to help guide my hard headed son down the right path with me. We been friends for years and decided to date 3 months ago and tho there are ups and downs he has been a great support.

    Robin- thanks for letting me know about the group

    Toots- Ghetto family drama sucks...hang in there and my prayers with you
  • vidvoxvidvox Member Posts: 62 Member Member Posts: 62 Member
    Don't seem to be having too much success this weekend. Went out last night for our early anniversary dinner. I was good and didn't order dessert but they brought us some for free! Sigh.. then today my in-laws had us over for brunch and I kind of overdid it. Hoping tomorrow goes a little better.

    Thanks for the message on how to find this thread!
  • ShrinkRapt451ShrinkRapt451 Member Posts: 447 Member Member Posts: 447 Member
    Laurie, you don't need great balance for ziplining. Just a taste for adventure. It's amazing fun; have a great time!

    Susan, great news about the clean mammo! :happy:
  • nicholsvjnicholsvj Member Posts: 220 Member Member Posts: 220 Member
    @shrinkrapt - thanks for the boiled egg tip. I was a microbiologist and then did public health epi prior to med school...therefore I tend to live by the "no more than 4 days in the fridge rule" when it comes to cooked food. I do love the Chobani Champions - can get a case of them at Costco pretty cheap! Other than the size and flavors, I haven't seen much difference between them and the regular chobani cups. My favorite is the Fage fat free plain yogurt.

    Next question out there - anyone use protein powder to bulk up smoothies? I've been toying with adding some to fill me up so I can last longer on the 12 hours days (and on no break surgery days). Which brands do you prefer?
  • ShrinkRapt451ShrinkRapt451 Member Posts: 447 Member Member Posts: 447 Member
    nicholsvj, I actually add a scoop of the Target brand (chocolate) to a Chobani Champions Very Berry yogurt, with about a tablespoon of water, for a post-workout snack. Tastes like "ice cream soup," choco-berry flavor. Love it. You can totally tweak that for a to-go breakfast. :)

    Oh, and I am now totally going to Costco for my yogurt. I eat at least 1-2 daily.
  • regojessregojess Member Posts: 28 Member Member Posts: 28 Member
    *aug.....Congrats, any loss is a good loss.
    *akelts...sounds like a pretty crazy time at work. Hope it gets better. Thanks for that quiche tip sounds like a good idea.
    *Cia_clayton...WOW! I can't wait for something like that to happen. Congrats and keep on smiling, you deserve it!
    *sprinkles...good for you! And congrats on conquering one of your food triggers.
    *Laurie K...I commend you on your bravery. I am highly afraid of heights(pun not intended, but it works:laugh: ) I could never do zipline.
    *susan..Yeah, on being cancer free!

    Saturday success- I have been on here for over a week and am still chugging along.

    Have a good one!
  • allyjoy83allyjoy83 Member Posts: 176 Member Member Posts: 176 Member
    Share time!: I always have problems with the share part of this thread. Technically it is still my Saturday night, and I've been drinking a little bit. :drinker: I'm about to turn 29 and I'm rather excited about the pending anniversary of my birth. I feel like 2012 is all about transition and rebirth, and I think that entering into the last year of my 20s is a most auspicious time. To be honest, I think 30 is going to own, but that's next year, so this is the beginning of the end. My mom always told me the 30s were her best decade, and I expect nothing but the same. I've been very fortunate this year, and I'm looking forward to transitioning into the person I've always wanted to be, both emotionally and physically. I've spent the last two years avoiding who I know I'm meant to be, and, now, I'm reaching the point of making peace with being the best version of myself that I can offer.
  • CelticHippoCelticHippo Member Posts: 122 Member Member Posts: 122 Member
    Just a quick message before I head to a family dinner...I just wanted to say Thanks to Robin for letting me know about the new thread.
  • tungsten93tungsten93 Member Posts: 76 Member Member Posts: 76 Member
    @nicholsvj - Good luch with the long shifts. I never work out when I have to work 12 hour shifs but I don't have to wok them 6 days in a row. For protein powder I recently discovered Optimum Nutrition 100% Natural Vanilla powder and it tastes great! I like it because it doen't have an artificial ingredients and has 24 grams of protein and only 130 calories per scoop.

    @tararuex - Chocolate covered bacon? Where can I get some??? (where is the emoticon for drooling?)

    @toots - Sorry to hear about the drama where your mom lives. Hopefully you can get her out of there so she can say safe.

    @Christine - Conrats on walking Belle twice a day for an entire week! That's truly an accomplishment and I'm sure she loved it. I'm really inspired by how hard you push yourself.

    @Cia - New pants in a smaller size (2 sizes smaller, even)! Way to go!

    @Robin - Thanks for bringing all of us together again! :flowerforyou: And as for going to a group or keeping i like it is, I'll be here either way. I'm glad he group was open so that I could join but I also see a need to keep it under control. It's your group so do what's best for you!

    @jana - Mmmmm. Beer. I woke up around midnight last night and seriously considered having one but I had to get up at 4:30 am for work :drinker:

    @laurie - How was zip lining? I'm terrified of heights so I doubt I'd ever get up the nerve to try it but it looks so fun!

    @Susan - So glad you got your mammogram and that everything's okay. See below.

    Saturday Success - I put a pair of pants on for work and realized they were kind of baggy, especially around the waist so I grabbed a smaller size and wore them instead. It wasn't until I got to work that I realized that they were kind of baggy, too, and there was a slight gap between my waist and the pants.

    Sunday Share - Yesterday after work I attended a Memorial Service for my friend's mom. She passed away at age 57 after a 10+ year battle with breast cancer. While the service was supposed to be a celebration of her life I just found it incredibly sad. My heart breaks for my friend, her brother, her grandmother and the rest of her family. My friend and her husband are now moving back to New York where her father, brother and grandmother live. I know it's best for her to be with her family (she, her mother and her husband were the only 3 in North Carolina) but I'm going to miss her terribly. She was always there for me and I wish I could be there for her now. So to echo what Susan said, if you are over 40 or have a family history, please get a mammogram. I'm going to schedule one soon.
  • linder4866linder4866 Member Posts: 8,948 Member Member Posts: 8,948 Member
    @nicholsvj - I have a smoothie every day and add Biochem Vanilla Whey to it. I only use one scoop but I also add 2 Tbsp of PB2. My smoothie is what I have for my evening meal and it keeps me full until morning. (I purchase it on Amazon.) So many things make me ill but this particular product does not. I love it.

    I need to zip outta here soon. I've read all the posts and I celebrate your successes. Today I'm tooting my own horn. Down 3 lbs today. Not a big deal for many people, for me it is monumental. I'm old and lots of other things and the extra baggage comes off slowly. So :glasses: :glasses: yes, I'm off to the store to buy more healthy things.

    :drinker: :drinker:
  • RobinsEggRobinsEgg Member Posts: 3,702 Member Member Posts: 3,702 Member
    Laurie - I hope zip lining gives you the thrill of a lifetime! I can just picture you laughing and screaming as you zip along - you have WAY more courage than me........ I sort of picture myself bottoming out if I did that anyway, I don't think I could support my weight yet. You;ve come so far! :love:

    Susan - glad your second call-back at the mammo center proved everything was OK. Yes, everyone save the Ta-Ta's!

    tbrp - 9-1.2 miles is incredible - what state are you in? Must have been an enormous fairground! I love to go see all the small animals in competition, the 4-H displays, the floral competitions, just about everything at the Nebraska and Iowa state fairs.

    walkingqueen - so happy you have a relationship - especially neat that it grew out of a friendship :flowerforyou:

    vidvox - Happy Anniversary!!! Everyone has a little slip up from time to time. Who can prevent free dessert from showing up at their table? That's pretty tempting - kind of like fate!

    Nichols - I agree with you - 4 days in the fridge and then its tossed out - I've eaten food thats older and boy does it result in some unpleasant gastrointestinal surprises!

    regojess - congrats on completing a week! WOOT for you, girl!

    allyjoy - Yes, you should look forward to your 29th birthday. How soon is it? I like your attitude towards your 30's too. Its wonderful that you are determined to tranform yourself physically right now so that you will be in better shape to enjoy that decade of your life. BTW - great job sharing your inner thoughts! :flowerforyou:

    linder - so happy for you - celebrating your 3 lbs loss with you - that is super! Go celebrate, girl!

    A big thank you for everyone who followed me to this thread - I do apologize for the inconvenience. I appreciate everyone's kind words, it just warms my heart and makes my efforts so worthwhile. I care so much for everyone in this thread and want the best outcome for each of you! :flowerforyou: :flowerforyou:
  • karenleonakarenleona Member Posts: 3,985 Member Member Posts: 3,985 Member
    Saturday success - The scale finally moved in the right direction! I got on the scale last Saturday and was shocked by another big gain. I changed my diary, started being more careful about portions, and stopped eating exercise calories and BLAMMO!!! the needle moved on Thursday. Wuhu! I rock!

    :drinker: :drinker: :drinker: well done Aug!!
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