Your best tips for weight loss



  • AmNestor
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    lots and lots and lots and lots of water!
  • GoRun2
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    Has anyone tried using smaller plates? Do you find that you eat less?
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    GoRun2 wrote: »
    Has anyone tried using smaller plates? Do you find that you eat less?

    I have but actually weighing and measuring to see what a portion size really is has made me eat less. And less but quite an amount.
  • sexymamadraeger
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    Don't eat out much at all. It's very hard to not earn more calories. It's never prepared the same way you would at home. I pretty much eat the same foods every day and prepare them at home and eat at home. If I do go out I don't eat much at all. It's just not worth it.

    So true about the water! So many times when I think I am hungry I'm really just thirsty.
  • GoRun2
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    I have the same breakfast pretty much every day. Lunch generally varies between 4 to 5 things. I go for variety for dinner. It makes tracking and meal prep easier.
  • GoRun2
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    I split up my calories as 200 breakfast, 300 lunch, 500 dinner, the remaining 200 are snacks are to cover when I go over for lunch or dinner.
  • cathipa
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    Have patience.
    Weigh your food and log with correct entries (no generic or homemade). Eyeballing or guestimating is not an option.
    Drink more water.
    Move more.
    Don't fear fat (or carbs).
    Use a weight trend app (Libra or Happyscale) to record your weight.
    Have patience (yes I repeated this intentionally).
  • thelettermegan
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    Make friends with leafy greens.
  • deetails26
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    GoRun2 wrote: »
    Has anyone tried using smaller plates? Do you find that you eat less?

    Yes! When I put normal portions on a large dinner plate now, it looks so empty! I use salad plates now for my meals. I eat less/normal portions and I also don't feel like I'm being deprived. Its psychological for me.
  • deetails26
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    I try to have a salad with my lunch and/or dinner. Fills me up and keeps my calories at bay.
    I don't eat after 7/8pm. I have found if I do, it becomes a downward spiral. If i'm hungry, I'll drink tea. Something about a warm drink makes me not want to eat.
    I weigh every day. I understand there will be normal fluctuations but it allows me to get on top of bad habits before they get out of hand.
  • spzjlb
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    Using MFP, I enter my food BEFORE I eat it.... it reminds me to really watch my portions. Entering after, well, too late!

    I log before eating, too, and it really keeps me in check.

    Also, if I am at an event where there are hard-to-resist treats (e.g. at a cocktail party or work meeting with nice snacks at coffee break), I take one or two bites, just to satisfy my curiosity, then I discard the rest. Often at work events, people just cut the treats in half anyway (I'm lucky to be surrounded by like-minded people). That small taste is keeps me from feeling deprived, plus I don't get angry at myself for eating an unnecessary and unplanned full serving of junk.
  • ritzvin
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    [1] Eating out less. Restaurant food is very calorie dense (not just in large portions), and it is tempting to have multiple courses
    [2] Less TV if you have a tendency to boredom snack; or at least keep lower-calorie-density items around for that and keep the other stuff out of the house.

    ETA: it depends on where your excess calories came from. My 2 culprits are above. Yours may be different.
  • missysippy930
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    Being consistent, and allowing all foods in moderation.

    Whoever said this is woo, why?
    I lost over 1/2 of my body weight doing this.
  • fionawilliamson
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    I never eat all of my exercise calories back, IF is working better than I thought it would, but it does limit me to two meals a day with a small snack in between.