Women in their 30's and 40's - Let's Help Each Other!!



  • RunsWithBees
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    Feel free to add me! I'm 42.5 years old and I just reached my goal weight today! Overall I've lost 43 lbs even with a few challenging health issues. I started running about 3 years ago and I love it, but like anything in life, it's not without it's challenges. Now on to maintenance! Good luck to everyone on their journey!
  • mcart15
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    Please add me!
  • 2Luverly
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    I'm 44. Looking for more buddies in their 40's.
  • EMC85083
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    I would like to be added too if it's not too late. I'm 33 and live in Arizona. This is my first time using MFP to lose weight. I am on day 6 of clean eating with a calorie deficit. My husband can eat whatever he wants so I need to find support and motivation elsewhere...
  • barbiegaia
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    I am from Ireland, I am in my journey to loose weight again for over 40 days. My goal is 40 pounds.
  • Ladycatfield
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    @barbiegaia 40lbs in 40 days! Wow, best of luck, how are you planning that cus I would love to lose 40 more lbs. 35yrs old in England, 38lbs down since August and 40lbs more to get to target. I'd love some friends to help keep me accountable.
  • LotusCass
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    Please add me too! I'm 43 from Australia currently living in London. Mother of 2 girls. I had 30lbs to lose, currently down 12 after 6 weeks. I need motivation and connections with other mums in a similar situation.
  • DanyellMcGinnis
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    Hello, I'm 39 and I live in Georgia.

    I don't run because I get runner's knee. I have tried everything from fancy shoes and inserts to knee braces to running on grass/asphalt/concrete/treadmill and have given up. It is not fun to not be able to walk down stairs for two weeks...Oddly, I can still do high impact workouts like Focus T25 and Insanity, I just can't run.

    Anyway, lost 45 pounds last year using MFP and have kept it off for about 5 months so far. I work out every day because 1510 calories (my maintenance number) seems too low for me.
  • p0sitiv3_vib3s
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    Hi I'm 36 and from the UK I have been on here for a year. I did really well then suffered with a lot of illnesses and lost my way and put on all but 10lb
  • udebear
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    Im 36 and in victoria australia. Please add me, the extra motivation on those hard days would be awesome huh?
  • shanellouw
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    Hi, this group still up and running??
  • Nomadicsoulizshe
    Add me I've been doing this on my own it would be nice to have someone other than myself on my feed
  • caiteh86
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    I'm looking for like minded friends as well :smile:
    I'm from Ontario Canada and I'll be turning 32 in June. I'm determined to make this year my best yet. I started at the beginning of November with a bit of cardio and heavy lifting. I lost about 12 pounds over Nov, Dec ...but have kind of been holding steady since mid Jan. I know it's because my diet is terrible more often than it is good. I really need to get this in check. I've also added a bit of yoga a couple of times a week, and I'd also like to start running/amp up the cardio. Anyone here, please feel free to add me. :smile:
  • nexangelus
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    I am 43, prematurely menopausal, from the UK, lift heavy, cycle and walk. Running plays havoc with my knees and achilles tendons (I run on my forefeet) I eat lots, meaning I fuel my training and run moderate to small deficits so I can manage hunger, etc. Or attempt to. I am in the flexible dieting camp and eat everything (if it fits my cals and macros) - icecream, sweets, chocolate and snacks of all kinds. I have lost 23.4lbs since last June. Am hoping to hit my target weight of 140lbs around August this year. If you need more pals over 40, then please add me.
  • CAguirre78211
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    Please feel free to add me as well, looking forward to support and motivation here. I’m 43 in Washington state. I donated a kidney in 2011 and haven’t quite been the same since, looking to get back to my old self.
  • daynaranae
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    I’m glad to find all of you here. I am 46, almost 47 and have been into nutrition, dieting, and working out since I was 15. I even graduated with a bachelors of science degree in nutrition. My problem is motivation. When o get down about my weight, I just keep gaining more and more. Right now I’m in a downward spiral. I’m going on two years of my daughter losing her father in a car accident and then both of us losing her step dad in a car accident just six months later. The sadness I feel has caused me to eat for comfort. I’ll lrobably only walk for exercise but am serious about sticking to a weight loss plan. I’ll help you if you help me!!
  • PrettyandFocused
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    Hello I am 33 and have a lot of pounds to shred. I have been consistent for 60 days. I have shed 10 pounds so far this year and I will like to stay on that train. Feel free to add me as a friend.
    TWRUNNER32 Posts: 62 Member
    I’m 36 in MN, SW: 244 CW: 233, looking to lose weight and get back into a love/hate relationship with running lol. I miss it.
  • redshan81
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    Hey everyone. I am 36 years old and work out daily for 30 minutes. I have lost 20 lbs in the last 7 months, so progress is slow but I am a dedicated gal.
  • GabyAdamidis
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    I’m 35 and want to lose 20kg before my wedding in July! Looking for more friends my age to motivate and support each other - def not a runner though haha!