From “Fat” to “Fit”

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At 16 years old 22 months ago I weighed 193 pounds. I was sick and tired of how I looked, how I felt in my own skin, and going to the doctor was depressing. After one visit to the doctor and learning that I was on the verge of being considered “obese”, I decided to make a change in my eating habits for good. I began using MyFitnessPal on August 3, 2016 up to today and since then have lost over 70 pounds. After visiting the doctor this past January of 2018 (17 years old now), he told me that I am healthy and at a perfectly normal weight for my height and age. I now feel much more self confident and am looking forward to continuing my journey of a life of fitness and health with MyFitnessPal. If you or anyone else is trying to lose weight, I highly recommend using MyFitnessPal. With the help of this amazing app and determination, you have the capacity to achieve your goal. It is not impossible if you keep on pushing forward and work hard. At first it might take a few days to the maximum of about a month for you to start losing weight because your body is not in fat burning mode (ketosis), but once you’ve been eating clean for a while you will start to notice the scale go down. So don’t lose confidence and quit your healthier eating habits just because you are not seeing results instantly. It takes time! A lot of time! But if you keep working at your goal and be true to yourself, you can accomplish anything! You can do it! Never give up!


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    Nice before and after shots ... looking good
  • kennethfabela
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    Thank you h1udd.
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    That's wonderful! You look amazing!
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    Thank you positivepowers.
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    You look great! Well done! :smiley:
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    Precious! Love it, such wise words from you. Congratulations!!
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    WOW!! You look like a different person! :) So good!!!
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    well done. you look great.
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    Great job!
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    Thank you Frankie_Fan, creationscrown, Noreenmary1234, bigjonb4116, and Jelaan for the positive comments.
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    Amazing progress! Thank you for sharing - I find these very motivating.
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    Your wise words of determination is a wheel turner! You look so handsome and always remember how it all feels at this point in time....Great job!!!
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    Thank you betty_veronica4 and dsboohead.
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    Great job! You look amazing! Your hard work has definitely paid off.
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    Congratulations on your terrific weight loss, and thanks for the words of encouragement.
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    What an accomplishment at such a young age! It takes a lot of maturity to be able to self reflect and put in motion the plan to succeed at anything, let alone something like this kind of weight loss. Congratulations - your future is bright!
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    way to go!!! great work!!! you should be very proud!
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    You look great! Very handsome.
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    Great story, great result, congratulations :)
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    Excellent work! Getting it under control young, you'll be better for it your whole life! Thanks for sharing!!