What was your oh f#!; moment



  • elsayegh25
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    tomasart wrote: »
    I just met my birth mother today for the first time in my life, since the day was born. it was a true life event.
    oh so happy for you
  • dmcnur
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    Mine was when I had my annual blood work done and my doctor said it was time to do something about my weight as my fasting blood glucose was showing me close to type 2 diabetes.
  • Babs2Baby
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    I wear a lot of loose baggy clothes to work, mainly because I sit down all day and it's more comfortable. I recently became engaged to my fiancé and went dress shopping with my friend. I was in shock when they took my measurements. I was a dress size 14 when I used to wear a dress size 4!! I hated how I looked in all the photos they took of me, especially the one of my back. Yuck, back fat.
  • jefamer2017
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    When I saw my friend drop 50lbs. We are always about the same weight and now I am more than 50lbs heavier than she is. I said I have to do something.
  • ValeriePlz
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    When I almost reached 200 lb.

    I had slowly gained after getting married (happy weight!), learning to cook (freakin' gorgonzola cream sauce), and stress-eating during law school.
  • DebLaBounty
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    I made a beautiful summer sleeveless shirt I wore to a party. Someone took a full-body picture of me, and I was amazed how large I was. Though I felt lovely during the party, the picture showed that my upper arms were flabby and sprinkled with cellulite, my belly strained against the pretty fabric, and I was flabbergasted to see that I seemed to have some tummy below the waistband of my jeans. OMG. Now I've used MFP and reached my goal weight and whew! - my current pictures show I've made the progress I wanted to achieve.
  • Kelkat405
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    Getting ready for work. Turning off the bathroom light I took one last look in the mirror before leaving and caught a glimpse of my profile.... that was enough.
  • cmlndammom
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    lkpducky wrote: »
    An HbA1c reading of 5.9 (prediabetes). That was the first time I've ever had that. Diabetes does run in my family, and I don't want to be next.

    This was me yesterday. Officially diagnosed as prediabetic. I’ve always been really healthy but have let my diet go downhill for a few years. This is a wake up call. My mom has been this way for 15 years. My dad has fought it for 12. I’m holding it off as long as I can. So I’m changing my lifestyle to lose this weight and eat healthier to get rid of my sugar addiction because I don’t want to end up with diabetes.
  • bikecheryl
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    Last April when the pain in my knees drove me to see an orthopedic DR. who then went out on a limb and referred me for a knee replacement despite my being at least 130 lbs over weight.

    I figure if he had faith in me I had to do my part.

    I've lost 98 lbs since then with about another 30 or so to go.

    Hopefully I will be in maintenance for a couple of months before my surgery this fall!
  • Sharon_C
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    My oldest daughter's high school graduation. When I saw the pictures I should have been happy and proud of her, but all I wanted to do was cry at how I looked. I was so FAT! That next day I started counting calories. In April that same daughter will graduate from college (it's taken 6 years). Since then I've lost 30 pounds, gained 10 back, started lifting heavy weights, and am so much healthier and I have MUSCLES. I can't wait to compare pictures from high school graduation to college graduation.

    I may even go out on a limb and post them in the Success Stories forum :D
  • LoriAnne0621
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    I started losing in 2003 and maintained my goal weight for 10 years. This go 'round my weight had been slowly climbing from 132 up to 180ish after foot surgery and other health issues. I was in denial. I had not thought about my weight for several years. I refused to buy new clothes and live in sleep pants and t-shirts. Then I began to notice how uncomfortable I was. When I put my arms down to my side, there was a bulge around my bra line that kept me from putting them down to my sides all the way. I was fatigued and always had a headache. It suddenly occurred to me I was on my way to the 200 lb mark. I could not believe I let my weight get out of hand again!

    I am on the right track now to bring the weight back down. It seems so much harder this time as I am nearly 15 years older. But I WILL get back into my jeans. :smile:
  • alicia163425
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    I have been overweight my whole life. Last year my husband and I tried to get pregnant and we weren’t able to so that’s when I realized it was my weight that was the probable issue. I got off track when my dad passed away in September but I restarted in February.
  • LMDlove230
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    When I stepped on the scale & saw 280, and realized I was approaching 300.
    I was also having trouble conceiving #2, when my first was super easy to conceive. It took 1.5 years for #2.

    Had baby #3 almost two years ago, and am now down to 177, with another 30-40lbs to go.