How do I drink more water?

dinatale2 Posts: 3 Member
Has anyone out there come up with a way to remind yourself to drink more water throughout the day? I am horribly bad at this!


  • amtyrell
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    Just keep a handy water bottle. Refill it thru the day.
    Having it in arms reach makes me sip mpre
  • cwolfman13
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    I pretty much have my refillable water bottle with me all of the time. I don't really need a reminder though...I live in the desert at over a mile high, so I pretty much have always had water with me since forever.
  • kd_mazur
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    I find that if the water bottle is sitting next to me, i will drink it and when it is empty I immediately refill. I prob drink about 120oz each day while at work.
  • For me I have to use a container with a straw. The straw is like tempting in a way and I keep going back to my water even if I'm not exactly thirsty. Maybe this comes from years of drinking fountain sodas?
  • firecat1987
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    I set myself small goals, I try to drink 32oz before lunch and 32oz after lunch while at work, and then an additional 16oz at home before i go to sleep.

    I've actually gotten up to 42oz before lunch, 16oz after lunch, and 16 oz when I get home. I'm at 80oz a day.
  • CowboySar
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    Keep a bottle near by and full. I keep a 1 gallon(4 liters) bottle handy
  • AmberMarie09
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    I purchased Hidrate Spark water bottle and even though it is a bit expensive i have met my goal for a week straight!!!
  • Bigneugie
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    I drink 1 glass right when I wake up 1 when I get to work and use my bathroom breaks as a reminder that I have to drink more throughout the day.
  • amusedmonkey
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    I don't pay attention to my water intake because my thirst signals are reliable. If yours are not, you could have a glass of water every time your pee looks darker than you would like. It's an if-then system (a clear reminder) that's reliable and less arbitrary than most methods. It follows your actual hydration needs. Keeping water at arms reach is a good thing too so you drink whenever you feel you need to and not put it off because you're too lazy to get up.
  • Sparkeysworld
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    Flavored water is easier to drink than plain, if you use a large water container maybe add an electrolyte tab to it or a small amount of dilute cordial.

  • Sheluvsbread2much
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    jellis432 wrote: »
    Plant Nanny is an app that tracks your water. It sends little reminders if you haven't logged in a while and when you log you grow a cute little plant. If you don't drink enough/forget to log it, the plant gets all droopy and sad and will eventually die. It's helped me a lot.

    I downloaded Plant Nanny last Friday and it helps a lot. Sometimes I do get angry when I have to water that so and so plant again but after I water it my plant is so happy and cute I can't be angry. I like to drink water and drink a good bit but not as much as this app is telling me I should drink. I can't wait to lose some more weight so I don't have to drink so much water. Does tea count? I drink a few cups of herbal tea a day.
  • GatorsMamma
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    Set an alarm for every two hours on you phone to remind you to drink water. That is what I do and it helps a lot!
  • glitterandsparkle8
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    I find drinking water such a struggle it’s insane why can’t I do it
  • LivingtheLeanDream
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    Do you feel you aren't drinking enough in general?(you'll know by the colour of your urine).

    But if you want to be reminded, set reminders on your mobile for every hour to go get a glass of water e.g.
  • ValeriePlz
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    I need to remind myself to drink, too - my body doesn't get thirsty very often, and I feel better when I have more, especially as a runner.

    I got one of those infuser water bottles where you can put herbs, citrus, fruit, cucumber, etc. into the center chamber and it flavors the water a bit. Found a decent one on Amazon for $7.
    HASWLRS Posts: 7,311 Member
    I find having a large water bottle helps. Mine is 32 oz. so I only have to fill it twice to get my minimum 8 cups in. It seems less daunting than filling something smaller four times or more throughout the day. And yes, keep it handy!!
  • Elizabeth_1010
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    Personally I’m someone who is always thirsty! I’m always wanting to drink something. Now the only thing I drink is water. I always keep my 32oz water bottle with me and refill it about 5 times a day
  • losingit3535
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    Sodastream for me