What's Your Most Recent NSV



  • tirowow12385
    tirowow12385 Posts: 698 Member
    xhuerax wrote: »
    I had a 5K run two weeks ago and finally after so long ran each mile under 10 mins. My time was 28:56. Never, i mean never would i have thought that i would get that time. Started at 17 min a mile since I really never ran. Started working at it since 5 years ago.

  • JaydedMiss
    JaydedMiss Posts: 4,286 Member
    JaydedMiss wrote: »
    i woke up looked outside and it was raining.

    I still peeled myself out of bed on my day off at 630 in the morning and walked my butt to the gym. Even when i knew it was gross out normally id haggle with myself and say *kitten* the gym ill clean my house or something instead.

    Admittedly the gym was fuller thn i expected and i only managed to do 45 minutes of bodyweight stuff in the studio (i love my alone time but its not the most muscle building or cardio sort of workout lol) So it wasnt the best workout ever but i kept myself moving and working every muscle i can i did good.

    Screw you rain, I got this ;D

    I absolutely did this myself last week (well, two out of five days, anyway!)

    go us! high five
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