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Herbalife - your thoughts

WonderwomanfitnessgirlWonderwomanfitnessgirl Member Posts: 34 Member Member Posts: 34 Member
I'm a breast cancer survivor finished treatment in dec2017 I'm 20kgs over weight from all the treatment and energy loss. I find it difficult an expensive to eat organic plus it goes off quick so I thought of trying Herbalife and possibly be a distributor if it works. I would love to hear your experience with it please before I invest.Thanks in advance.
I am 47 and gym junky


  • Lean59manLean59man Member Posts: 714 Member Member Posts: 714 Member
    Waste of money. So is buying organic.


  • stanmann571stanmann571 Member Posts: 5,736 Member Member Posts: 5,736 Member
    Ultimately, of the big names in MLM Vitamins

    only Shaklee seems to have any sort of positive reputation. and Advocare and Isagenix just haven't been around long enough to have any reputation at all.
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