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Why do people deny CICO ?



  • ekim2016
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    I live CICO and believe in it as I joined in May 2016. I lost the first year 40 pounds. For the past year up to today I am stuck at 230 ish @ 1560 calories faithfully per day. I weigh my food and don't cheat.. I can only surmise my medications have slowed me down but I don't despair as I don't gain weight... it's like I am stuck in eternal "maintenance phase"
    5' 10 male only exercise my fingers / sedentary...
  • fb47
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    I was al Wal-mart the other day picking up a few items, one thing I had was a 4 pack of slim fast shakes I like to have on hand for when I need a quick on the go breakfast. The cashier scanning my items pointed to the slim fast and asked me "do those really work?". I told her I only buy them as a last resort quick meal and told it all boils down to CICO. There was no one behind me so I explained to her the concept of CICO and that is how all diets work, including ones that sell you their foods, shakes, supplements, etc. She looked amazed and said she really wanted to lose 40 pounds so I told her to grab a food scale after work one day and join MFP. She got really excited and said "I can't believe it is really that simple! I have been over complicating it for years!" I felt like I had just converted someone to my religion but it felt really good to actually see the light bulb go off in someone who is now a believer (I am hoping still is anyway).

    You're fortunate, when I tell to grab a food scale, I usually get a reply that it's too much work. That's why I don't talk about it anymore, people always wish to lose weight, but they do nothing about it all the time.