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I am making a turkey kielbasa chili tonight using this product. Label says 2oz is a serving but recipe calls for 2 whole links of this kielbasa. (Makes a lot)
The original recipe does not have nutrition breakdown. How can I tell what a serving of the combined ingredients might be? Or for other recipes in the future?


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    USe the MFP recipe builder
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    And you decide how many servings any recipe will yield - how many calories do you want one serving to be? Or set number of servings=grams, and log the number of grams you serve yourself.
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    USe the MFP recipe builder

    I’m new here. Had no idea this existed. Thank you!
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    Since entries in the food database here are often incorrect. you may want to check entries in your recipe against this database if they are items that you can't scan, like meat or produce:

    Sometimes when I am building a recipe I search for an ingredient by the USDA UPC number and often someone as has already entered it - easy to check for accuracy, also. I mostly only bother with the higher calorie items like meat.
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    Thank you. I noticed quite a bit was incorrect so I did verify and correct each ingredient. :)