C section mom's?

Hi everyone! I just had my 2nd section on February 20th. I got the green light to start working out again today. What are some easier workouts to start out with? Has anyone had success in getting rid of the c section pouch? My main concern is that little pouch above my incision. I'd also really like to focus on my thighs and butt area. Any advice would be really appreciated!


  • Sharon_C
    Sharon_C Posts: 2,132 Member
    24 years out from my first c-section and 18 years out from my second. I still have the pouch. It has never gone away, no matter how thin I get. Some people can get rid of theirs. I think it all comes down to genetics.
  • Urbancowbarn
    Urbancowbarn Posts: 97 Member
    13 years from my CSection and while I don’t have the pouch I can’t do a sit up, or V up. I can’t feel the connection to the abs that activate those moves. It’s really weird, but a calorie deficit has made the area much flatter.
  • kristingjertsen
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    20 years out from my first C-section (I had two) and I still have the pouch. I do sit-ups, v ups, pilates 100s, and Nautilus abdominal machines so the muscles are strong and toned, but I still have a little belly. Oh well--two healthy sons were well worth the sacrifice of my 6 pack. If this makes you feel any better, every mom I knew who had a flat stomach post C-section told me that their real secret to getting rid of the pouch was a tummy tuck.
  • mblundell2
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    24 years after 2nd c-section still have the pouch. Even when I was down to 113 lbs. I still had the pouch. It's a rock underneath though. Just work on that and be proud of your battle scares. You are woman and you created life!
  • Healthyhunny231567
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    Had 2 c sections...my last was 4 1/2 years ago...no matter how much weight I lose or how hard I work out i can't get rid of my pouch & you could basically pinch me as hard as you wanted & I can't really feel anything there. :D
  • catherineroberts87
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    Had a c section nearly 4 years ago, last year I really focused on my fitness so did a lot of sit-ups, leg lifts, planks and general cardio and that seemed to help a lot but it didn’t get rid of it completely. Maybe if I’d have carried on doing the ab work outs it would be fine by now who knows. But I think it is possible:)
  • cookster82
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    I'm 3 years out from my second C-section. I still have about 20 lbs to go and the pouch is still going strong. :( Sorry I can't be of any help...
  • hesn92
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    I am not concerned about the “pouch”. It’s still there after 2 years and its not bothering me. Did your doctor give you any suggestions or guidelines? I would be worried about lifting heavy for being only 2 months out but I am a little paranoid. I’d be afraid of my guts falling out ha! Kinda ridiculous.
  • BeccaLoves2lift
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    I'm 9 years out from my c section. I still have a pooch, I've been told by many that sometimes they are impossible to go away without surgery. I'm at the lower end of a healthy weight for my height and I have an ideal body fat percentage and still have the pooch.