Help me please!!

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So um what’s an attainable way I can lose this in time for summer?!! Kinda low key freaking out. I look and feel awful (: what worked for you? Plz share
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  • sjulez26
    sjulez26 Posts: 57 Member
    I gain all my weight in my stomach it sucks
  • malibu927
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    You look fine. What are your stats?
  • MichelleSilverleaf
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    Consider recomp. You really don't look like you have anything to lose and probably see yourself as bigger than you are.
  • RecognitionT
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    Looks good to me.

    And I'm real judgy about these things.
  • rheddmobile
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    Aw, your tummy looks cute! Start by giving yourself a break from self-criticism, it's easier to take care of yourself when you feel positive.

    You have a couple of months, which is long enough to see some real benefits if you take up an exercise program which has both strength and cardio components. Heavy lifting in particular is a great way to improve the look of your body when you don't need to lose much weight, which you don't. The cardio will also make you feel better, and have more energy.