Lets here it! I wanna know what kicked you guys into gear!



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    Hello, I am relatively new to this community. Can someone let me know if we can find someone by name? I am specifically looking for Steve Bonetti who was recently featured on a MyFitnessPal blog. I was hoping to find his page but obviously would not know his username or email. Thanks!

    Also, I "started" because I am tired of wearing the same thing everyday :( I have clothes that no longer fit because I gained weight and I don't want to buy anything new.
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    I've had several attempts. Once I even made goal! That time I caught part of a conversation between my then 3 year old daughter and her best friend. She was telling her that when they grow up they will be chunky with big boobies like their mommies. I was devastated. I did not want that! I joined WW the next day.

    This time it was turning 50. I was sick of my clothes not fitting well and my blood pressure was creeping up as my weight went up. I also got a weird blood clot in my armpit last year. That was a major annoyance.

    Since January 2nd I have lost 32 lbs and went from a size 16 to a size 12. Looking forward to more shopping in my closet!
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    Looking to continue enjoying the BBQ I make, without continuing to buy pants with a bigger waistline.....so far so good!

    I'd be curious about the recipes you have. My husband is a major Egghead - has two Big Green Eggs.
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    Well I'm apparently the "grandparent" aged person here, so congrats on having your awakening young. I have one daughter (nearly 20 now) and I was so worried I'd be saddling her down taking care of me, plus I was scared of getting diabetes, and sick and tired of my heels hurting so badly I could barely walk. Total of 93 pounds down (over the last 9 years), a runner, and a normal BMI. Not only is life good, it actually feels good.
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    I was also a size 14 (a tight 14, but I refused to buy a size 16) when I started back in 2014. I was so tired of standing in my closet almost in tears looking at all the clothes I hated - I had just a couple of outfits that fit, and a bunch of stuff that was too tight. It was terrible. I had a friend who had started a program and lost about 40 pounds, and I thought I should at least give it a shot. In the back of my mind, I figured that, just like everything else I had tried, I would fail. Low and behold, 12 weeks later, I had lost 37 pounds. I have never looked back. Stay with it - find people who are on the same path to keep you motivated... I found that was the key for me. :)
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    I started because i am having an operation to remove my parathyroid glands(well 2 that are enlarged) in June and i am scared of the effects of anesthetic at the size/weight i was plus the strain on my back carrying the excess weight is agony. I too will be very happy to be able to bend over and tie my laces without being breathless. I started walking beginning of last week and started mfp yesterday. So far so good :D
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    My doctor casually mentioning that she could refer me to a bariatric surgeon.

    I have had enough surgery to last me a couple of lifetimes but knew I had to do something. So I decided to do it without surgery.

    I started at 257 (I think at one point I was up to 270), lost down to 130 and have maintained there for a few years and am now losing the 20 pounds I put on last year while having some health issues (threw myself a rather extended pity party!).
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    I've been here a few times myself. It always works but I just have trouble staying with it. I had 20 pounds to lose last September. Instead of losing, I put on 30 pounds between Sept. and March. I looked terrible, had no clothes to wear, wasn't exercising, and was just disgusted with myself. I'm 65 and a teacher who was also huffing and puffing up the stairs. My husband at least was exercising but we seldom ate out. We tried to start 3-4 times but never made it. There were too many bags of chips, candy, etc. in the house and he kept buying. Finally mid March, we started. I logged my first 2 days showing how many calories I was eating and was overwhelmed. At this time, almost May, he has lost 15 pounds and I have lost 10. It is sssslllllooooowwwwlllllyyyyy coming off but I'm in it for good. I even passed on a donut whole that a birthday student brought for everyone last Thursday. It is so easy after you finally take the plunge. I have no cravings but have a hard time staying away from pickles! Good luck to all of you.
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    I was sitting on the couch. It was five minutes to midnight. That's what time it was. I don't recall the date or the day, when it happened, but it clicked. I looked at myself, my appearance was a distant, malshaped version of who I use to be. My old injuries, still lingered about and nothing was changing except time was still passing. I got off the couch to change what was into what should be.

    On my shelf were my collection of Beachbody DVDs, I acquired in my youth, now gathering dust. They sat there, like a rusty sword in the corner waiting for a pure-hearted adventurer to pick it up and seize it for the battle ahead.

    It was now midnight and a new day. It was then that I put in a DVD in the PC, pressed play, and suddenly a voice from above said that I gained a level.
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    Doctor said I was pre-diabetic and a 10lb weight loss would be the solution for me.
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    Hi all, started about five years ago and keep coming back 12 months after doing well and then going down hill. This time round it go to the point where I was out of breathe putting my boots on and my belt was down to the last notch (second one on a good day!). I have a ruck of clothes that I haven't work in 12 months as they don't fit. I'm down to two pairs of jeans that fit and my last couple of baggy tops. Got a summer holiday this year and I'd like to feel comfortable in photos and not feel like I've got to leg it into the sea as soon as my T-shirt comes off.

    Feel free to add me, I cleared out all the original friends as no-one logged on anymore so I'm on my own at the moment.

    Good luck all
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    I was friggin fat.....no other way to say it!
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    Been dieting off and on since age 11; lose the weight, slowly gain it back plus extra. Now prediabetic and borderline hypertensive. Trying to improve those numbers.
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    1. I made lemonade and my arms were sore the next day.
    2. My bras were super tight. That got me cracking.