Favourite crunchy snacks?



  • huelsmanjl
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    Frozen grapes :)
    Not crunchy like a chip, but chewy and has the sweet chill for summer time :) I like purple better then green :)
  • AnnPT77
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    AnnPT77 wrote: »
    Crispy broad beans or chickpeas; puppodums; pickles; sauerkraut; jicama; celeriac; popcorn; microwaved pasta para duros coated with chili powder & popcorn salt; freeze dried fruit or veggies; dry-roasted soybeans . . . .

    Baked coconut chips are tasty, but a bit high in calories for the amount of nutrition.

    @AnnPT77 I'm intrigued by these crispy broad beans you mention. Do you make them or buy them prepared? If the latter, is there a particular brand you rec? They sound like something I'd really like.

    I buy Enlightened brand. Some people don't like them because they come from China. Meh. The chickpeas are nice, too, if you haven't had them. You can make your own, but I like the Saffron Road ones.
  • BirdyInIowa
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    Apple slices with peanut butter - or my favorite is apples with chocolate PB2!!
  • Chunkahlunkah
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    Thanks, @AnnPT77! Checked online and my regular store carries both, so I'll be trying them soon.
  • Losewtforlife4him
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    Cucumbers sliced with sea salt- yummy!! Large dill pickles, popcorn
  • nowmartin2001
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    Crispy M&Ms (blue pack in uk) can destroy a whole bag in about 4 mouthfulls. :D
  • nyponbell
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    I ended up also picking up a bag of tortilla chips; not the best from a weight-loss point of view, but far better macros than regular chips, a better ingredients list and, most importantly, I am easily satisfied with a handful or two of them!

    I have heard of and wanted to try roasted chickpeas for ever, but never gotten around to do it. Maybe it is time!!

  • mlrtri
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    Celery with a laughing cow wedge. Delicious.
  • amgreenwell
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    Cold apples and peanut butter, pickles, baked chips, carrots and hummus, celery and peanut butter or celery and cream cheese
  • AudreyJDuke
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