I Got sick right after eating and can't keep anything down except water

I was put on a new prescription yesterday and today I haven't been able to keep anything down. I was only able to eat about 500 calories today. Going to the ER if it doesn't get better by morning. Will this screw up my new diet? My food log said I wasn't eating enough (duh), but sometimes this happens.

Just looking for anyone who's been unable to eat for about a day and how it affects health.


  • dutchandkiwi
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    Been there done that.
    If it is for one day only it is a case of move on. I keep my fluids up and try to make that something like broth (salt) fruit juice (sugar) in and or a biscuit or something like that. Usually it holds and yes I have a very low day - some be it It is part of life then.
    If it is more than one or two days I get medical help.
  • Momepro
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    Try to stay hydrated, don't worry about calories at this point. If you can handle pedia pops or something at least, even some crackers and (not red or purple) sports drinks if you can keep them down, might help keep your electrolytes and blood sugar regulated. Definitely go tomorrow though to see about changing your prescription. Generally, dying of dehydration or extremly low blood sugar is not cinsidered an appropriate curve for most illnesses.
  • RodaRose
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    It's o.k. to miss out on food for a day or two. I hope that you get better. Sending well wishes.
    Drink water /other fluids as best you can.
  • deannalfisher
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    Call your Doctor ASAP - it could be a reaction to the medication
  • whitpauly
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    yea just stay hydrated,if you're sick youre sick not much else you can do but defo call your doc
  • HealthyAndSober2018
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    I suggest going to an urgent care place. Costs much less than the ER. I always get terribly sick to the point that I can't hold anything down when I get norovirus. A shot of promethazine, saltines, and ginger ale fixes me right up.
  • Momepro
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    How are you feeling today?
  • VUA21
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    1. Stay hydrated
    2. Do NOT worry about your diet when you are sick. Being truly sick is a general pass at diet and exercise.
    3. If you feel you need medical attention, go.
  • lorrpb
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    I second calling your doctor. You might need a change in dose, taken off, or tired up.