Party snacks/desserts (looking for recommendations)

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So this week is National EMS week, and we always have bbqs. Somehow I ended up being on the volunteer list to bring snacks and desserts for my station. Looking for some good snacks/desserts that aren’t just “chips and dip” or a store bought cake. Because of my allergies, I need wheat, oat and barley free suggestions. I also have to be mindful of tree nuts because we have two members who are deathly allergic.



  • nooshi713
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    Veggie or fruit tray. Deviled eggs.
  • 100_PROOF_
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    I second the veggie and fruit tray. This way ppl with common food allergies will still be able to eat something.
    I'd bring a nice cheese and crackers tray too ( even though you can't eat crackers)
    I would also pick up a few bags of tortilla chips and guacamole to help fill up the table.
  • NovusDies
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    Garlic roasted chickpeas
    Jalapenos stuffed with pimento cheese
    Bacon cheddar fingerling potatoes with a chive sour cream dip
    Meringue cookies
    Fruit parfait
  • pinggolfer96
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    Sugar free jello mold with fruit inside
  • Lounmoun
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    This cheesecake might be okay.
    Chocolate dipped strawberries
    Fruit salad

    Stuffed mushrooms, peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes or zucchini
    Caprese salad skewers
    Smoked salmon, cream cheese and cucumber bites
    Cheese, marinated olives, pickles
  • Cbean08
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    Assorted pickles and olives
    Chicken skewers
    Bacon wrapped asparagus
    Shrimp cocktail
  • laur357
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    Jalapeno popper dip or spinach & artichoke dip - just as tasty without the breadcrumb topping, and can stay warm in a small crockpot. Veggies, tortilla chips for dipping.

    Cream cheese and salami roll-ups

    Watermelon, feta, and arugula salad

    Marinated veggies

    Deviled eggs

    And . . . ice cream sundae bar for dessert? Fruit salad?
  • livingleanlivingclean
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    I like dessert platters.... Fruit, small cookies, wafers, sweets/small chocolates, mini muffins or cupcakes, popcorn, sweet dips (chocolate, caramel, fruity)
  • kshama2001
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    I usually make these with the spices but my OH doesn't like them spicy so last night I made them without and they were AMAZING.

    There's only a half cup of flour so your favorite wheat flour substitute should work just fine.

    (I normally sub 60 grams of chopped nuts for the 1 cup dark chocolate chips - am adding that for other people reading or your future reference as I see you need to be tree nut-free for this event.)

    But if you're limited on time, just go with a fruit platter.
  • fitoverfortymom
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    Tortilla chips and queso.
  • 4rtistry
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    Lounmoun wrote: »

    This is what I was going to suggest. Throw in 1.5 tsp of orange or lemon extract with vanilla protein powder and you have a great dreamsicle or lemon cloud cheesecake. I like to grate a little vanilla almond bark on top for garnish, along with a swirl of the appropriate food coloring. Comes out pretty and everyone loves it.

  • checkmatekingtwo
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    Instead of chips, try Harvest Snaps -- the assorted types are made from either lentils, green pea crisps, snap peas, black beans, etc. Eat just like chips, but packed with protein and fiber. Baked (not fried). Compared to chips, much less fat and GLUTEN FREE. Plus, if you hide the packages, nobody will know it's not junk food!
  • Loveslupins
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    Fruit Salsa with cinnamon tortilla chips!