Healthy dinner

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Any help with an idea such as low calorie dinner such as salade and eggs ...easy to prepare ..


  • Idontcareyoupick
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    Stir fry. Protein of choice and frozen veggies
  • duskyjewel
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    I love omelettes. My favorite filling is ham, cheddar, and tomato, and if you're careful with the amounts you can make that without it being a calorie bomb. Another yummy filling I've made includes spinach, sundried tomatoes, kalamata olives, and feta cheese.

    I'm having a salad for lunch today that is just asparagus, hard boiled egg, and a little bacon with a dijon vinaigrette, from the site I posted.
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    Spaghetti squash done up like spaghetti with sauce on top. I lose weight every time I eat it and its good.
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    Grilled shrimp and asparagus.
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    Personally I like chilli!

    Also shrimp, cooked in butter with bell pepper onions and bacon (with some Tony’s sprinkled over it)!
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    How low calorie? 300? 400? 500?
    I generally have around 500 calories for dinner and haven't really had trouble finding recipes on traditional recipe sites fit that as long as it is not something drowing in oil/butter/cream/cheese.

    Baked or grilled meat of choice and pile of vegetables raw, roasted, grilled, steamed.
    Giant salad
    Zucchini noodles cooked briefly with cooked chicken, tomato, onion, garlic, herbs... maybe olives.
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    I love making things in the crockpot, then portioning them out and freezing for later use. I do stuff like chicken tikka masala (made with light coconut milk instead of cream), chicken with salsa and taco seasoning, chili, soups, etc.
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    Squash noodles with anything! Even if you eat thw whole bag its like 90 calories!
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    An alternative to squash noodles: shirataki noodles! I think mine was 35 calories for the whole package and I prepared it just like spaghetti with marinara and garlic powder. You could pair with turkey meatballs to make it more satisfying. Beware, though: you need to rinse the noodles well as they have a strong earthy odor. It goes away after a rinse and a quick "dry fry" (to get the excess moisture out) on a skillet, though.
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    Tonight was marinated boneless pork loin chop, roasted zucchini, and roasted sweet potato