horrible - burst into tears in the parking lot at the mall..



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    I remember the morning I weighed myself and hit the BIG 200 I went walking at a local school track and cried and cried for the entire time of my walk. I am only 5'3" and that is ALOT of weight to be carrying around. For some reason staying in the high 190's and even 199 somehow wasn't as bad as actually hitting 200. It was a big wake up call and I am still struggling EVERY day to work on my weight. I have more bad days than good but it's time to really REFLECT on the choices we've been making and the very REAL and Temporal consequences. I'm with you! You're gonna do GREAT!
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    You've done the hard part by admitting your failure. Now go forward and do what you know you can do! Most everyone on here has had setbacks and reversals but now we are all moving forward. Let's do it together!
  • One thing you'll notice IMMEDIATELY about this site......the people here are soooo supportive. We're all in this together..you are never alone!!!
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    Hello and Welcome! You took the first step in your journey. You are not alone in this. We are all here to help each other! HUGS to you!!
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    This is certainly a great place to get the support you need! Logging my food everyday has helped me to think twice about what I eat and made me realize how many calories are in all the foods I eat. Feel free to add me and good luck!!
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    I was that person just 6 months ago. You have taken the best first step you could have taken. You found MFP. A calorie tracker has been shown to be a more successful way to lose weight. I personally feel the support you get here has been my biggest reason for success. I'm not done yet, and yes there have been good days and bad days. In fact today was not exactly a good day for food choices. But I have learned here that each day is a new day; and as long as the majority of the days you make good choices you will succeed. Six months ago I was at the heaviest I had ever been and rarely exercised; I have now lost 34 pounds and am within 17 lbs of my initial goal. I love to exercise, ok maybe not, but I love the way I feel when I'm done and feel accomplished. I wish you much success. I'm sure you will achieve not only weight loss goals; but you will find a strength you didn't know you had. I hear that from almost everyone here as they make the healthy changes in their life.
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    you go girl
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    You can do it!!!! I use to weigh 170 pounds in 2008 now I weigh 109 now in 2011 it is something that can be done!!!! Wishing you the best :)
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    Just think, you could be a big as me and have infinitely more weight to lose.


    Kidding aside, you're in the right place for support. Just stay focused and you can do it!
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    Wow! Reading this I can relate!! I too am a single Mom, drive thru is so much easier when you have had a long day at work, kids are hungry, you are tired, etc... I know I would not look at myself in the mirror, but when I did catch a glimpse...OMG. I understand completely! How did this happen? Good for you for making the decision to change your life. This is a great site with lots of friends and motivation. Sounds like you have come to the place where you recognize a change is needed. Good luck with your journey. I am here to support and motivate you!!
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    Lets look at the bright side here... 1 your still 4lbs lighter than your heaviest so you kept that off. 2) when you start making the right choices again you will lose the first 5-10lbs easy. 3) you have the right attitude to get back on track.

    Believe in yourself. You did it once. you can do it again.....

    Originally... I had lost 40lbs almost 4 years ago...then I broke my ankle and that was the end of the world for me. I stopped working out even after I had healed. started eating like i said I would never do again... I put 30 of that 40lbs back on.... it took me 4 years to get back on track.... But 70lbs later I have proven to myself that no matter what gets in my way I can get through it. I am sure you can do the same....

    You are a strong person...... especially for admitting your short comings off the bat.... We all have your back...and don't be afraid to lean on us if you need support!
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    you can totally do this. Remember you are worth it. Geel free to add me if you would like some help and inspiration.
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    I am about the same age with 3 teenage daughters. I had a horrible divorce and was basically WAY too thin, everyone was worried. My problem after I was in a happy relationship, I just felt good and therefore ate food again...whatever I wanted just like I was a teenager...well you can't just do that forever and now I am facing the consequences! Add me if you like, I could use other moms with teens as a friend to keep me motivated!
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    Welcome to MFP! This place has really and truly made a HUGE difference in my new approach to life. Here's wishing you good health as you embark on your journey. Here are a few thoughts to share that have helped me recently:

    * Always stay positive. Never let a minor setback deter you from your goal.
    * Food is your fuel. Make it the highest quality fuel you can get access to. Your body will appreciate it!
    * Don't sweat the small stuff, but try to work up a sweat whenever you can.
    * Read as much as you can about healthy lifestyles and food choices. A short book that helped me was "Food Rules," by Michael Pollan.
    * It's a marathon, not a sprint. We are all in this for the long haul, so if progress seems to crawl sometimes, no worries. You'll get there.
    * It's a lifestyle, not a diet. I think I am finally getting this. It's not what I need to eat in the short term, its what I need to eat and do, for as long as I can do it!
    * Simplify. Focus on what your body NEEDS, and not necessarily what you WANT at any given time, and you will soon find out they are one and the same!

    Have fun and again, welcome!
  • Tracy, welcome! please feel free to add me for support. I think all of us have taken that long hard look in the mirror/window and just wanted crawl in a cave and stay. I know it was hard for me also. MFP is a great tool, with great people!!! Stay positive and you can do this, just remember slow and steady won the race. Good luck on your Journey to a new you, remember to Live, Laugh, Love and Don't Stop Believin' :)
  • Congratulations. Divorce is hard but one thing I have learned is my ex does not deserve me being unhealthy and unhappy. By eating better, walking, and lifting weights, I am stronger. Too strong to let anyone determine my future but GOD. So best of luck.
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    Believe me, I have been there! Lost 100 pounds during my divorce, then gained it back, yo-yo dieted off and on but still put on weight. I am here now and we are all in this together! Feel free to add me as a friend! I wish you the best of luck, and I am sure you will do well!
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    I'm rooting for you! All the best on your new journey! I believe you are the kind of person that can achieve what ever you want. Look forward to seeing your success. Add me as a friend if you like.
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    All the best,remember to be consistent always in what u do,what u eat and aim for your goals.
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    Hells yea! You're on fire! You can do this!
    My husband left me last month though he's been checked out for years. I have three boys and I've felt like a single mom for a long time since he always traveled. I've yo-yoed for years with the same fifteen pounds but haven't been able to even get under 200 for at least 6 years. :P When he left I felt like he gave me my life back. No more worrying about what he thinks and stressing about why he is so unhappy. I'm finding me again.
    Even though I'm heavy I have researched healthy living and exercising extensively, so I know what I need to do. You can add me, I'm brand new too. ☺