Ketogenic diet

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I started ketogenic diet a week ago. I would like to have buddy who share this way of eating.


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    I started keto in March - just over 2 months now. Plan to lose 22 lbs over 6 months (mainly because of weight gain because of a thyroid problem). Thyroid now back to normal - so just have to get rid of the extra weight. I see a nutritionist and Dr weekly - so have great coaching and monitoring. Have learnt so much. I have listened to many podcasts by "2 keto dudes" which were very informative, and have not had potatoes, starchy veg, rice or bread for 2 months. Stick with it - it's so much fun learning about the science. I cant believe I had it all wrong for so many years - with my low fat, low salt beliefs! Am discovering a whole new way of thinking. I bought ketostix last week and found that I was not in ketosis even though I thought I was doing quite well. So with advice 1 changed things up and 3 consecutive days fasted each day for 16 hrs. This has now brought me into ketosis according to the ketostix readings. I am so excited. I guess the 2 months of ground work and carb restriction brought me to this beautiful place.
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    hi! How do you track net carbs on MFP? I am so confused! Trying to start day one on Monday. any help would be appreciated, tips, tricks, etc! TIA
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    My gosh! I'm glad I'm not alone on the confused boat!!
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    Getting serious now about the KetoDiet. The 8 eating window seems to be helping.
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    I started Keto but failed, by having a banna, so I started again and failed as had carrots in my dinner.. it’s sooo hard to do ... then I got that Keto flu thing.. and that’s vile... constantly knackered and was feeling dizzy . I’d love that bread recipe
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    Absolutely, that Keto flu is having it's way with me too! Lol
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    Hi! Ive just started today but am not new to keto. I lost 20kgs 3 years ago and am planning on losing about the same this time around too. You'll get many conflicting comments and advice but all I can say is do what works for you! We all have different lifestyles and some can be stricter than others. I take a medium approach and is still works for me. Add me if you don't have enough people, Ill be happy to help where I can x
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    The Low Carber Daily MFP group has a great set of info stickies that could help.

    A nutritional ketogenic diet just means a way of eating that keeps you in ketosis most of the time. For most people, that means under 50g of carbs (can use total or net), with moderate to high protein, and often high fat. That's it really. There are no required foods, no required eating windows, and no special supplements beyond getting some extra salt to replace the electrolytes you'll lose with some water weight. If you want to follow some specific, brand name diet rules you can, but all that is needed to lose weight is a slight caloric deficit - keto just happens to be a diet that makes it a bit easier for some people to do. :)

    But do makes sure you replace those electrolytes or you get keto flu. It is completely preventable as long as you are getting about 2 tsp of salt a day. Sounds like a lot, but trust me, it works!
  • Thank you for sharing
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    I’m clean keto. Feel free to add me!!
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    MaggieFinn wrote: »
    I'm finishing my second week of keto and feeling pretty good. I am a hard-core sugar addict, so I started as a way to really get myself away from the insulin yo-yo I felt on even a moderate carb diet (my blood sugar has always been good on routine blood tests, so no medical problem with sugar, I just crave it but feel funky after I eat it).

    I had Keto Flu pretty bad, probably because I went cold-turkey into it and also let myself get dehydrated (salt everything!). Also, because I'm rarely hungry on keto, I have to learn to listen to my energy level, not my growling stomach to know when I need to eat something. I think a few dizzy, tired spells were just being really hungry. Unfortunately, you need to plan ahead to have keto-friendly snacks available if you're going to be out and about as it's really hard to grab-and-go keto. Salted almonds are my lifesaver.

    The up side of the keto flu- I never want to go through that again, so I stick to my low carb lifestyle. Cheating (at least in a big way) will hurt and I'm not sure any chocolate cake out there will make up for it. :)

    The benefits, though, have been really good. Dropping a ton of water weight means a flatter tummy (and automatically looser jeans). High-ish fat and moderate protein means I'm almost never hungry. I had some stomach upset in the beginning, but that has resolved. My weight loss has been impressive but not insane. My energy level was kind of all over the place, but has been steadily climbing the last few days.

    However, my plan is to try to move away from So. Much. Animal. Protein. I know people can do this vegan, and while I'm not likely to get that far, I'm definitely looking for ways to substitute nuts and seeds and fish for red meat and even poultry. I honestly can't look at another egg and who ever thought I'd get tired of bacon? I'll go to my doctor in 6 weeks for a cholesterol check, just to make sure it's still good.

    IF was a part of my life before this and I'm pretty comfortable with a 7-8 hour eating window, though if I'm hungry before or after, I eat something.

    BTW, Donna DiGia..., you can figure out your net carbs by looking at your "Nutrients" and subtract your fiber from total carbs to get your Net Carbs (essentially the part of the carbs you actually digest). My phone app has a little pie chart icon at the top of my food diary that takes me to it- not sure about the website.

    Good luck, everyone. Not every WOE is right for everyone, but give this a fair chance before you decide it's not for you.

    This is all so true. I was blessed to not get the keto flu. But I have migraines really bad so I was overly cautious. Chicken broth/pickle juice daily, Powerade zero as well as eating spinach everyday.
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    WOO hello ive been doing keto for 2 weeks now (new to the website started logging yesterday) but i lost 15 lbs from it the hard part is getting the flu and working out during the keto flu ya get so tired but i take my time. took me a few days to get my body used to it.
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    Fellow Keto-Er here lol. Ive been on Keto Since January. Im honestly in te best shape I have ever been in life. I always worked out, lost weight gained it for years. I have always hit a wall at 185 and never have been able to get under. Keto has changed alot for me and im so glad i started it. One thing about Keto, it is a Lifestyle change for me and not a temporary diet. Loving the results and all of the recipes feel free to add me. I will add all as well.
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    Hey Keto Friends ... I'm still learning and would love pointers from any Keto sleuths out there, and I'll help anyone that I can with the knowledge that I do have, so feel free to connect with an add.
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    Keto On!!! add if you like. open diary.