Weight loss jump starts?

Have any of you tried anything to jump start weight loss? Of course I’m going to be changing my eating habits, since losing weight is more of a lifestyle change.. so dieting and exercise of course, but any jump starts? Such as, cleanses or vitamins to help with energy? I’ve been going over with my dr about how I lack natural energy bodies are supposed to produce in order to help me lose weight and get moving and am thinking of turning the natural route, with vitamins? anyone know any jumpstarters?


  • 100_PROOF_
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    There's no jumpstart.
    You do what you need to do if you want to lose weight. If you want it bad enough, make it happen.
  • jefamer2017
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    Just getting into the deficit is the "jump start". The first week I went into a deficit I lost 5lbs, water weight mostly. Vitamins probably are a good idea for many people. Lots of us are deficient in one vitamin or more.
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    You should ask your doctor to check your vitamin D levels. If it is too low that can zap your energy a bit
  • DaniCanadian
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    As the rest said, there’s no jump start. Just get a food scale, weigh/measure/track all you consume. Exercise can help with energy levels, even just adding some walking each day. You slowly start to feel better as your life style changes.
    Side note, have you been checked for low iron particularly right after your tom? I lose a ton of energy during hormone fluctuations with ovulation and tom.
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    Don't waste your money on "cleanses". And you can skip the "jumpstarts and fixes". They are unnecessary. If their plan works for you, go for it. But in my opinion, the 21 day fix was a clever way to sell people more tupperware and shakes. Just start eating in a healthy and sustainable way.
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    People starting keto or low carb diets often get excited as they often lose a lot of weight in their first week. This might be the "jump-start" you're looking for. Unfortunately, this initial loss is primarily water and not fat, and is regained as soon as you eat more carbs again.

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    As everyone else has already said, there isn't really a way to jumpstart a diet. Only a way to start.

    To help with feeling tired, many find that once they start exercising (even a little bit), they actually have more energy than previously. Aside from that, make sure your diet contains enough of the nutrients you need. Drink plenty of water and get plenty of sleep.

    You'll lose weight quickly initially anyway, whatever you do. It won't be fat loss, just water weight. But it might just be the "jump start" you're looking for on the scales.
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    serindipte wrote: »
    As mentioned before, you are burning energy just by sitting there, breathing, living. Start moving more, even if 5 mins at a time. Build up as you're able.

    To jump start weight loss:
    • Input your stats into MFP.
    • Get a food scale.
    • Weigh and log your food.
    • Stick to a reasonable deficit.

  • mbaker566
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    there is no secret to starting weight loss, unfortunately

    get a food scale to weigh food.
    log all food you can
    eat at a calorie deficit
    exercise is not required but it does give you more calories to eat (start eating about 50 percent back)
    set reasonable goals
    set nonscale goals (fit into a goal dress/jeans/etc)
    set nonfood rewards for minigoals
    read the stickies

    WEIGHT LOSS IS NOT A STRAIGHT LINE and takes time :wink:

    if this becomes drudgery, you will be less likely to stick with it
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    nhmom80 wrote: »
    You should ask your doctor to check your vitamin D levels. If it is too low that can zap your energy a bit

    OP in addition to Vit D, also get iron, iodine, and thyroid tested, as deficiencies/problems with these can result in fatigue.

    Don't start supplementing for deficiencies without first testing. At best, this could be a waste of money. At worst, you could harm yourself.
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    What does jumpstart a diet mean? I hear this phrase and it doesn't really make sense to me. Does it have something to do with making you more enthusiastic about losing weight? More motivated? Does it have something to do with wanting to see a big loss at the start with very little effort? Because all of those things are short-lived. I recommend trying something different and more sustainable to start, and then begin wrapping your head around the idea that this is going to consist of small changes over a long period of time. Probably a lot longer than you're expecting.

    To start, I recommend getting yourself set-up on MFP, choose a modest weight loss goal, and start logging everything you eat to stay within the calorie goal it gives you. For that to work, you have to log consistently and accurately. If you do it correctly, you will lose slowly but steadily over a long period of time and you will change your habits as you learn more about what will make this sustainable and easier to maintain for you. By the time you reach your goal, hopefully (and with the help of this community) you will understand how to maintain your new weight. It's not going to happen overnight, or in a straight line, and that's just something we all have to resign ourselves to.
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    What does jumpstart a diet mean? I hear this phrase and it doesn't really make sense to me...
    It doesn't mean anything. It's a garbage concept made up and promoted by the diet industry to sell weight loss "supplements", "fat burners", etc. Basically what it is, is taking some kind of diuretic or going on a short-term starvation/deprivation diet to see a big water weight loss - which has nothing to do with actual weight/fat loss and will only lead to disappointment and discouragement when the water weight comes back.

    Humans aren't batteries or motorcycles. We don't need "jump starts" or "kick starts".