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    Round 41 end 180

    I didn't meet my goal for the last round (to break into the 170's)...I went off track a bit, but I maintained, which is huge. Still trying for the 170's...

    5/30--180...but 180.0...not .4 or .3 so I'm getting closer...maybe I should record the entire # and not round
    5/31---180...yesterday was a great day. And I think today will be too...

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    @quiltingjaine, I'm glad your foot is on the mend. I don't know HOW you got in and out of the pool yesterday.
    I know it doesn't seem to make sense for me to eat if not hungry. I gain weight when I don't eat enough. Notorious undereater. Eating too much food has never been my problem. So I feel like I've been missing or ignoring my hunger cues being preoccupied with something else. I do have days that I eat more than usual, just hungrier.
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    @43Ninebark how tall are you?
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    I'm putting the Keto experiment on hold because, in a lot of ways, I'm not feeling all that good right now. I'm going to stay at a much lower carb intake, integrating some fruits and vegetables while continuing to focus on eating healthy fats (instead of the crap I used to eat). I'm going to stay away from processed sweets and crappy processed snack foods.

    Age: 46
    Height 5’11”
    Historical SW (January 2015): 245 lbs
    Recent SW: 220.0 lbs (1/14/18)
    Ultimate GW: 185 lbs (and 12% body fat)

    R28 SW = 220.0 EW = 219.8 (-0.2) AW = 220.2 (+0.2)
    R29 SW = 219.8 EW = 214.0 (-5.8) AW = 215.9 (-4.3)
    R30 SW = 214.0 EW = 214.0 (-0.0) AW = 214.1 (-1.8)
    R31 SW = 214.0 EW = 209.2 (-4.8) AW = 211.3 (-2.8)
    R32 SW = 209.2 EW = 209.6 (+0.4) AW = 208.9 (-2.4)
    R33 SW = 209.6 EW = 207.4 (-2.2) AW = 208.2 (-0.7)
    R34 SW = 207.4 EW = 206.6 (-0.8) AW = 206.6 (-1.6)
    R35 SW = 206.6 EW = 204.2 (-2.4) AW = 204.1 (-2.5)
    R36 SW = 204.1 EW = 207.4 (+3.3) AW = 203.9 (-0.2)
    R37 SW = 207.4 EW = 202.0 (-5.4) AW = 203.5 (-0.4)
    R38 SW = 202.0 EW = 196.8 (-5.2) AW = 197.1 (-6.4)
    R39 SW = 196.8 EW = 194.2 (-2.6) AW = 195.8 (-1.3)
    R40 SW = 194.2 EW = 192.6 (-1.6) AW = 193.3 (-2.5)
    R41 SW = 192.6 EW = 194.0 (+1.4) AW = 193.7 (+0.4)

    Total loss (since 1/14/18, but before this round): 26.0 lbs
    Average weight loss per round: 1.95 lbs

    R42 SW = 194.0, SBF% = 15.5
    Goals for this round: maintain current weight (do not go over 195) as I take as break from from Keto. Track my BF% consistently.


    5/28 = 192.2 (-1.8), BF% = 15.5. I got started a little later than usual today, so this might not be perfectly accurate, but it should be pretty close. Last night wasn't impulsive. I'm definitely taking a break from Keto. I'm trying to decide which carb number I should shoot for. I'm thinking 100, but I'm going to do some reading. I wasn't very consistent last round with tracking my body fat percentage. I'm going to commit to tracking it every day.

    5/29 = 194.2 (+2.0), BF% = 15.7. Got a little too "snacky" yesterday. Ate when I wasn't hungry. Allowed myself to eat a couple of things I haven't been able to eat in the past few weeks. Went about 300 calories over maintenance. That being said, as mentioned yesterday, my weight likely wasn't all that accurate when I weighed myself yesterday (weighed myself at the "correct time" today). My goal for today is to remember only to eat when I feel hungry. I tracked everything yesterday, so that was good. I'm feeling okay. This is actually not feeling like a cause for alarm. Rather, it's a signal that I need to be paying attention to how I'm feeling and what I'm eating right now.

    5/30 = 193.8 (-0.4), BF% = 15.6. I was much more under control yesterday. Ate with my macros, no crazy binges, stayed away from sweets for the most part (and slightly under calories). I decided to adjust my weekly goal to 1/2 a pound per week (from 1 pound), as I'm getting pretty close to my goal weight.

    5/31 = 193.8 (no change), BF% = 15.6. I felt like I ate a little heavy during yesterday, but after tracking everything I think I was slightly below maintenance. I had a fantastic dinner that I normally would have completely scarfed in one sitting. This time, however, I ate half of it, I did it mindfully, and I have half of it today for either lunch or dinner (probably dinner). I have basketball tonight for the first time in a week, and I'm going to go to the gym as well. I feel pretty good that I have been able to maintain since putting Keto on hold, particularly since I haven't worked out for the past week. Full disclosure regarding my decision to put Keto on hold; it actually didn't feel that hard to do. While that's generally a good thing, I tend to get into a groove when something is working well, which makes me less vigilant/questioning. I have some questions regarding the long-term health effects of the Keto lifestyle, and I need to do some reading before I get back into it. Can you remind me of some of your favorite Keto resources @quiltingjaine ?

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    @cschmitz110515 every time I read your screening results in your post I grin. Congrats again you hard working woman!

    Thank you! B)