JUST GIVE ME 10 DAYS - Round 43



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    I'm not sure I told you. I'm from Los Angeles.
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    Jan 2016 SW: 228.3 BMI: 33.7
    June 6, 2018 168.0 BMI: 24.8
    Goal achieved! 2 years, 5 months, 6 days
    New GW: 165.8 I’m a little shorter than I thought!
    Round 34 SW 179
    Round 35 SW 178
    Round 36 SW 177
    Round 37 SW 175
    Round 38 SW 174
    Round 39 SW 173
    Round 40 SW 172
    Round 41 SW 171
    Round 42 SW 170
    Round 43 SW 168 Back for my 10th Round!!
    6/6 168 BMI= 24.8 10-day moving avg: 168.8
    6/7 168.2 BMI= 24.84 10-day moving avg: 168.7
    6/8 168.2 10-day moving average: 168.5
    Yay!! 10-day average is now below my 5’9” GW!!
    6/9 169.4 (drank a bunch of water)
    10-day moving average: 168.5
    6/10 169 10-day moving average: 168.4
    6/11 168.8 10-day moving average: 168.4
    6/12 approx 168.8
    10-day moving average: 168.3
    Handled a restricted diet (tracked everything & exercises lots) in 6/9-10 & no food yesterday. Looking forward to my regular foods!” Now!!
    6/13 169.8 10-day moving average: 168.4
    Calories are down significantly & I kept exercising. Body is adjusting to hot temps, no fiber for 3-1/2 days, refined flour and sugar for first time in 6-8 months.. I’m sure it will all be back to normal soon. Probably just in shock LOL

    6/14 168.4 10-day moving average:168.3
    Yes! I’ve learned a lot these past 5 days!
    My body is getting back to normal now that the prep and the test is over, and I’m eating my regular foods (high fiber, low sodium, etc) again. I’m seeing why I was overweight ... and yes, obese, before... AND why I’m not now. I had my first non-homecooked meal in 7-8 months last night - a very special event. I was mindful of every bite and enjoyed it greatly. But I was also mindful that even though I had not overeaten, I didn’t actually feel as good. With my foods (pretty simple fare), I always feel good. A very pleasant discovery!

    6/15 BMI: 10-day moving average:
    6/16 BMI: 10-day moving average:

    RGW: 168 or lower & 10-day moving average decreasing or maintaining.

    Eating with small or no deficit & continuing to boost length & intensity of daily long walks/hikes and upping the weights at Pilates. Focus: health

    Starting GW: 169
    Revised GW: 168.6 [BMI Normal @ 5’9”]
    Adj. GW (as of June 4) 165.8 [BMI Normal @ 5’ 8.5”]

    OK, just saw Calculation for BMI=(703 x wt in lbs) divided by height in inches squared
    5’9” - BMI 24...Weight 162.5
    5’8.5” - BMI 24... wt: 160.1
    5’8” - BMI 24 ...wt: 157.9
    Will think about this...
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    Round 43 (Round 2 for me)
    Stats: Female, 53, 5’4”
    HW: 281 lbs
    SW: 189 lbs
    GW: 184 lbs
    UGW: 140 lbs
    NSV Goal: to be truthful about my weight and my eating habits/routine

    SW Round 42 - 200 lbs
    EW Round 42 - 189 lbs

    6/07 189 lbs. AM did various 30 day challenges. No other workouts. Worked late and ate too many calories. Back on track tomorrow- no matter what the scale shows.
    6/08 189 lbs worked out in Park, did 30 day challenges. Back on track with calories.
    6/09 189 lbs. walked 8.8 miles. Overate calories by 1741 - eating out of boredom. At grandkids school function and didn’t have anything to do - so I ate. Expect to see at least a 3 lb gain tomorrow. Not for this one day but for the entire week - has been full of days going over my calorie limit.
    6/10 189 lbs. walked over a total of 7 miles today (3 different walks). Ran/walked over 4 miles. Still managed to overeat by 944 calories. Still looking for that gain.
    6/11 193 lbs. I found the gain. Feels like a weight is lifted off my shoulders. Walked over 2+ miles today. Then took a body sculpting class in the PM. Still went over calories by 1485. Tomorrow I take control of this ride. I have to stop this merry go round of waiting for a gain to get back to program. Okay buckle up Anita cuz this about to be a heck of a ride.
    6/12 192 lbs. alternating brisk & easy walk for 7.39 miles in 2 hours 28 mins. Went over calories by 81. Made great choices for breakfast and lunch. Pretzels for dinner (what I wanted). The sodium content is way too much. Got to cut back down to three times a week. So I won’t have any pretzels until Sunday.