sexy thick or sexy thin?



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    Thanks, i've been lean and curvy before, and got alot of attention from men, and yes i was still very im curvy and thick, still really shy and no attention from men...not that i need it, but it's nice to know if im attractive to them.

    You shouldn’t change yourself for validation from guys. If you’re gonna do it make sure it’s for you to feel better. My only requirement when dating someone is that she can take my sarcastic personality and my vulgar mouth. :D Looks are secondary but a cute face is what I look at first in that respect. As long as she can laugh and isn’t uptight I’m good. ;)

    Ummm I’m having whatever you are ;)

    So long as whoever it is makes me laugh, isn’t an Ahole and can deal with how quirky I am-we good!
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    I think both can be
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    Depends if she knows how to carry herself gracefully.. size doesn’t matter much then..

    Your taste in women is basically my taste in men, confidence without arrogance, being self-assured while having and respect for others.
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    Not skinny 🤷🏼‍♂️
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    I like girls with clASS. Thick as long as there is a fit foundation. Thin, I equate with emaciated and bony.
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    Moist and Meaty. Big and Bouncy.
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    I will just say it. Curvy and very fit is a huge turn on for me. And a flat stomach!
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    Sexy is so much more than the physical. Sexy is about attitude and the way a woman carries herself.

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    Sexy anything as long as it's healthy. I fall in love with people of all body types.
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    Gee, I don’t have a preference other than nice and personable