Retaining Water (Bloating)...



  • ljmorgi
    ljmorgi Posts: 265 Member
    There is so much bloating these days, everybody bloats. Are you gassy? Or retaining water?

    I know right? Sometimes I feel like I'm the only woman who's never said "I'm so bloated I look like I'm pregnant!"
  • Alyssa_Is_LosingIt
    Alyssa_Is_LosingIt Posts: 4,696 Member
    if we're talking about retaining water, then booze, high sodium food, and flying.

    These. Not as much the booze for me (if anything, it's a good diuretic), but OMG sodium. If I go over 2300 mg in a day, it's almost an instant 1.6 pounds the next morning.

    The booze thing happens to me, too. If I have a bit too much to drink one night I'm always a pound or two lighter the next day. Probably a combination of dehydration and the diuretic effects of alcohol.
  • rolandmuts
    rolandmuts Posts: 9 Member
    I cut the tequila and vodka from my diet... I started adding up what i would drink every night, that got me to a good couple of 100 calories a day... So far better deep sleep, starting to sweat less after exertion, and am not seeing pink elephants yet ;-)