Fitbit sync issues?



  • layladrew26
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    holfarb81 wrote: »
    It seems to happen only on the weekends... I had issues last weekend and now again this weekend. I keep having to document and reconnect for it to update!

    Same here. It's like someone has forgotton to flick a switch before they finish for the weekend.
  • katkins73
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    This is getting ridiculous now! It’s at the stage where I am wondering if it will work each day!
  • nickchristian3910
    nickchristian3910 Posts: 33 Member
    Mine stopped as well.
  • svel713
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    I've been adding my adjustment by adding the excess amount Fitbit shows on the main food/calorie screen (# calories in, # calories over or under).

    I just add it as Exercise (minutes): Walking 15 min/km in the MFP diary.

    Right now Fitbit says: 1399 cals in, 53 cals over. So I know my total at this point in the day is 1399-53=1346 calories.

    Hope this helps someone.
  • Angelicax502
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    Same issues here. I definitely got 8500 steps yesterday but MFP only logged 3000. 🤔😩
  • Moondancer77
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    I quit even trying go get them to sync. It seems like it would stop syncing so I'd manually enter my workout into Mfp and then suddenly it would sunc and I'd have double the workout listed. I just untethered them. Crap on it. I like being able to manually enter my stuff on Mfp, I just wish you could enter multiple workout things at once instead of doing each type separately.
  • CharlieBeansmomTracey
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    I unsynced my fitbit and on the fitbit app I look at track exercise,tap on that and then it gives me the time and calories I burned for that exercise,whether its a walk or whatever,then I go into the exercise part of MFP and log it manually.that way I get my excersie calories in MFP logged. sure its a pain but it works.
  • pogiguy05
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    The one solution I found was to use another app called PACER that syncs with fitbit for steps, then connect PACER to MFP and use it for steps and it has been syncing for me.
  • PeteTheGamer69
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    it has happened to me again today so enough is enough - accounts disconnected and staying that way. will stick to my calorie goal and do my fitbit stuff as a bonus
  • Kenda2427
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    Glad to know its not just me. I had troubles last week and today it’s not syncing again grrr
  • TammyCheyne
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    edited June 2018
    Fitbit stopped syncing for me again sometime yesterday. It is still not syncing now. What is being done to fix this? Also one suggestion for this was to disconnect fitbit and reconnect it but the app is not letting me disconnect the fitbit from it.
  • MyahRain
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    Having the same problem since yesterday. I'm afraid to disconnect because I had problems reconnecting last time I tried that and had to jump through all kinds of hoops with Fitbit and MFP support to get it going again. Ugh, so annoying.
  • jefamer2017
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    30,000 steps today and 26,000 yesterday only 130 synced
  • grmreapper
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    Yeah it's hard when you look at you sugars protein intake and see you aren't close to what you need or are close to being I know I am not over since I've done over 10k steps and burned like over 700 calories. Hope they fix this or maybe I'll stop using mfp
  • queenbcronen
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    This is very frustrating. This is the longest for me consecutively that it has not synced. It will sync a workout but won’t sync steps whatsoever.
  • tess5036
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    edited June 2018
    I'm just using the Fitbit calorie count to manage my calories now. I'm in the UK so have to use MFP database for the food entries, but the calories from food entries and any additional exercise logged here is carrying over to the Fitbit, it's just steps from Fitbit to here that are not logging.
  • rachelbrannon44
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    My Fitbit isn't syncing either since yesterday morning!! I guess I can log my food over in MFP and keep track of the calorie total over in the Fitbit App, but that's not really what I want to do. This really sucks. I hope someone fixes it soon!!
  • PAV8888
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    It looks like the Mechanical Turk that mfp uses to synchronize with Fitbit gets weekends off! 😡
  • layladrew26
    layladrew26 Posts: 111 Member
    Come on mfp when you gonna sync for us?