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    I've never been one to notice energy changes because mine feels stable unless I'm sick or haven't slept, so I didn't feel any difference in my energy losing 120 lbs. Then I regained a considerable amount of weight in a short time (nearly 30 lbs) and it was as if I was moving through molasses. The difference was startling. Apparently, I'm definitely more energetic when I'm thinner, I just don't feel it because it happens very gradually.

    Health-wise, my blood sugar, cholesterol, and blood pressure all normalized and they used to be high. I also completely stopped snoring.

    Physically, I have more aches and pains now than I did before. Ankles, knees, back, even shoulders. Being active can take a toll.

    Mentally, zero difference. I was fine before, and I'm still fine now. Probably could use a little bit more fun now because I used to be a bit more fun loving. I didn't expect to see much difference in that department anyway, because I didn't hate myself back then and my weight wasn't causing me any problems that would affect my mental health.

    Personality, not that different. I'm still as lazy as ever and I would choose relaxing over moving any time if there was no other impetus to move. I also still love food as much as I always have, so find myself choosing moving over relaxing several times a day.
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    Wow, SO inspiring to me!!!!!
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    So far I’ve lost 74lb.

    Physically I feel much better. I no longer have pains in my feet, I don’t have aches/pains when I wake in the morning, I don’t get that horrible fat cramp ache/pain in the stomach anymore, I have more energy, I’ve started running and just feel so much better in myself.

    Mentally, I feel in a much better place. I’m starting to feel like a person again. I have more confidence and feel so much happier.
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    I've never lost more than 30 lbs, which I did as a teenager before I developed any sort of significant health issues related to being overweight. As a result this was far more of a mental change than physical for me. I felt like I got better at just about everything, more confident, more comfortable in my own skin. I would argue a similar shift occurred after taking up weightlifting in 2015. I'm stronger and look better now than I would've ever guessed as that teenager and it's had an impact on my mental state of similar magnitude. I sleep better, I'm more capable of executing physical tasks, etc.
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    101 lbs down from 350.
    Energy levels came back to me over time but once I got rid of sugary cravings I found myself feeling perked up by getting out, or staying in and sweating. Cleaning. OMG cleaning. It became my favorite workout because lets face it... At 350, my house was not up to par..
    Socially, waay more energy because going places and not being exhausted by the time I got out of the car! I can play with my kids now. And dance!
    Losing weight has so many benefits, but its really helpful to look at it like a big ol dirty, greasy chili pot. If you want to clean it to a shine you gotta get the inside clean first.
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    I'm at about a 98lb loss so far and the difference in myself is unbelievable. I have confidence I never knew I had. I feel amazing. More energy and it doesn't hurt me to just function on the daily. Keep at It, it is worth it
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    I've lost 50kg/110lbs so far and the change has been drastic. I never thought that feeling so bleh and unmotivated all the time was down to my weight. I also thought my back, feet and knee pain was just random and unlucky but most of this has disappeared over time too.

    I'm not sure if it's all related to losing the weight but I sleep a lot better now which probably helps. I feel less sluggish and can't stand to spend 24 hours stuck in the house. I choose stairs now over elevators and also find it easier to park as I don't need to find the car park as close as possible to my location!
    I choose to do things straight away without procrastinating as much and I actually look forward to getting out and about while running errands whereas at my heaviest (153kg/337lbs) I would do all my shopping etc online and only leave the house for work and when it was absolutely necessary. I still have a way to go but I assume it will just get easier.
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    Hmmm, I’m about 69lb down and I bounce a lot more. Like, I do this skip-jump-bounce thing going down flights of stairs. And I’m pretty bouncy when I go up stairs. And I take super long speedy strides when I walk.
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    I've lost about 45lb and still want to lose around 10-15,but definitely notice a lot of differences. I do have more energy, an really notice at work when I have challenging patients I can work with them a lot easier. Things such as crouching (squats lol) etc are so much easier.

    I actually Want to exercise and start feeling jumpy if I haven't done anything in a few days. I regular run and actually enjoy it. I find I like the challenge now.

    A weird side effect I found was swimming. I used to be really buoyant but now have to use a lot more energy to keep afloat. That was a surprise!
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    I'm down a little over 100 lbs with a few left and the difference is amazing. The ability to do things makes me more active, I'm a Boot Camp fan. Haven't been in an elevator in months. I have a new job that involves a lot of phone time, and it makes me nuts, so I have to get up and move periodically, even just walking down the hall and back. And the mental changes are even greater, I want and like to be active. I spent my whole adult life being a couch potato so this is a huge difference. And it's all worth it.
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    I lost 175 lbs. Everything has changed.