Do you eat whatever you want?



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    I do not exclude any foods. But, in order to meet my calorie goal and not be exceedingly hungry, I need to eat primarily nutrient dense, high volume, lower calorie foods. I fit in the “whatever I want” foods when they fit my calories.

    As for carbs, I focus on making sure I get enough. I don’t feel my best, I get hungry and grumpy and my workouts suffer if my carbs are on the low side. That’s what works for me.
  • ceiswyn
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    I make sure I hit the absolute minimum on protein and get at least five-a-day of fruit and veg. And then I fill up the rest with whatever I fancy, which is usually chocolate :)
  • JeromeBarry1
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    Technically, you can eat anything you like.
    Practically, you should avoid things that you cannot control yourself from overeating.
    Pragmatically, you should be willing to do all that's necessary to remain in a moderate calorie deficit while you are attempting to lose weight.
  • Nursie863
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    I eat whatever I want right now, as long as I'm within calories, but my goal is to phase in the most nutritionally dense foods that I can. Baby steps!
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    I'm returning to MFP after some time away and some pounds gained. I'm open to any new accountability partners(friends) along the way. Please feel free to request me as a friend and I will do the same. Good Luck to all and we can do this!
  • born_of_fire74
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    Like most others who have replied, I strive to meet my protein target and then pretty much eat whatever else I have the calories remaining for. It usually takes most all of my calories to get my protein in but, on a good day, I have room for a chocolate bar or cookie or some kind of treat like that.
  • prettyhappyrunning
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    Thank you for the feedback, I appreciate it so much! 😊
  • lolly2414
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    I mostly eat what I want within my calorie goal. I have made an effort to eat more fruits, veggies, and lean meats, and cut back on a lot of "junk" food. I still drink a couple sodas per week though and I usually have a piece of dark chocolate with sea salt caramel every night (unless I'm too close to my calorie limit). I still eat fast food or pizza one night per week. I've lost 20 lbs in 2.5 months so far.
  • estherdragonbat
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    I try to hit my protein and iron and let the rest fall where it falls within my calories.
  • MixedbarbieMOM1991
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    Pretty much I just make sure I hit my protein goal I find I stay Fuller when I do.
    But I've cut alot of junk food out.
    I ll give in once a week.
  • googtoyou
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    If it’s within my calorie goal, I eat it. I allow for special occasions where I know I’ll eat beyond my allowance, but they are rarities. I have a sweet tooth, so if I’m going to have dessert I just budget it in.
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    nutmegoreo wrote: »
    I eat whatever I want, but I aim for a minimum on protein and fats.

    I definitely don't eat whatever I want. I stay within calories, meet a certain amount of protein, and do my best to stay under for carbs and sugar.
  • VUA21
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    Absolutely! Easiest diet to turn into a lifestyle for long term success. I eat food I live, just in moderation to keep myself in a calorie deficit.
  • HeidiMightyRawr
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    Pretty much, yes.

    I follow IIFYM so I choose to eat what I fancy eating, and I just adjust as necessary (portion or ingredients) to fit reasonably around my calories and macros. Although tbh most of the macros is just making sure I hit my minimum protein goal.

    Sometimes if my calories are particularly high that day but I want a dinner that's also higher calorie, I'll save it for another day when it fits in better. I don't tell myself I can't have stuff at all that I want though, it's just about fitting it into your goals.
  • William54321
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    Always vary and enjoy eating. Cals in and out is what counts