Locked door



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    Coralline advises you to be careful. If you find a doll that looks like you, move!
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    It looks high up. One time I dated a tall guy and he put marshmallows out of my reach. Maybe some scrumptious marshmallows are up there.

    This made me bust out laughing.....
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    How do you know it wasn't a kitchen at one time. Only the Shadow knows.
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    Old house don't know exact year but certainly over a hundred years old
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    Do any of you remember that episode of "Tales From the Darkside" with the little monster that lived in the cubby hole? Maybe, I'm dating myself...

    I mentioned an evil, red eyed Rat King living in there.

    But, there's also the troll from "Cat's Eye"

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    Take a jigsaw to that bish. Even if it leaves an unsightly hole afterwards it will make for a funny story of how you satisfied the curiosity of many internet peoples.
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    Avacado is right as always. You either mean it or you don’t. Let’s do this.

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    Mini pry bar from Amazon, $8.

    Access to mysterious crawl space, priceless.

    If you can’t afford $8 for peace of mind, start a GoFundMe page. No apologies necessary.
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    When you do open that door you will find another, smaller door behind it. That will also be jammed shut. After opening another say, 450 billion doors, eventually you will find yourself at the mantle, at the earths core.

    Just a guess.
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    Not fake just unfortunate, we tried to wedge a screwdriver in and hit it with a hammer, all that did was take chunks out of the wood on the door, there are signs of someone else having tried to open it but to no avail I will probably be curious out that door for years to come lol

    Are you sure it was someone else trying to get into it.. or some hideous evil trying to get out?
    Leave it closed, and have a priest bless the house js :#:p
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    How to remove painted hinges from cabinets?
    Apply a chemical stripper to the head of each screw with a small paintbrush. Allow the stripper to sit on the screws until the paint bubbles away from the metal. Wipe the paint from the screws with a rag. Continue applying paint stripper to the screws until no paint remains in the center section of the screw heads.

    Then push the door in. What is that red/yellow hue thing in the upper right corner. Looks like a butterfly shape, room probably painted many times over the last 100 years. Take it off, take it all off. That is all. Butterfly thing, better than a large moth. I see two little eyes and a smile on the butterfly in the middle right near the ceiling. :)

    Don't leave that stripper in the house when you're done, might be combustible. Take it outside to the yard into a shady place.
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    Managed to prise it open ever so slightly on the top left corner,it is about an inch thick so quite a substantial door, it looks flimsy from front but not so. Do you still think I should open it or leave well alone
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    No I was just editing my profile