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    I use the healthy weight range which is based on BMI a lot here, so I'll chime in. When a poster gives limited info and their goal weight seems really low or high, or the rate of loss they are aiming for is aggressive, I find it an easy way to explain the situation. Sure it would be great if the OP would answer a bunch of questions about stats, but very often they don't have those numbers or never post again in the thread. I'd rather give them generalized advice based on a statistical avg than nothing.

    In threads about athletic performance and norms, I try to stay out of discussions about numbers because I'm not an athlete and the OP may very well already work with pros who know more than I do.

    But the average newbie doesn't know their BF%, how to accurately measure themselves, or what a healthy weight even means, is very unlikely to be overly muscular or lean, and doesn't want to provide much personal info on a public forum. In those circumstances I think BMI is a useful generality to work with.

    Thanks for posting, that makes a lot of sense :smile: