Am I ready for more intense strength training/lifting?

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My backstory, I'm 37 yr old male and started out in February 2017 at ~305 lbs, 6 ft. I'm down to 270 lbs 18 months later. Should be more but I fell off the wagon a few times! Nov 2017 I started working out at a personal training gym 2x per week. I've been doing it for about 8 months pretty consistently. My sessions are 1 hr full body strength training workouts and different every time focusing on major muscle groups: quads, hamstrings, bi's/tri's, chest, abs, obliques, and upper/lower back. This is accomplished through machines, free weights, and body weight exercises. I've continually gained strength and probably built a little muscle (due to calorie surplus when i wasn't tracking very well i'm sure). I've also done some other focused strength training and cardio on off days from my trainer.

My question is whether you would recommended I start to transition to a heavy lifting program at this point such as the Ice Cream 5x5 or SL 5x5? I still have alot of fat to lose for sure but with strictly eating at a deficit will I be able to do a 5x5 program like that or is it too much? As with every other guy on here I want to shed fat and build muscle and recognize it really can't be done simultaneously. So the question may really be when do I begin to increase intensity in lifting to optimize my end results? I'm setting short term goals but ultimately I'd like to be around 200 lbs.

Thanks for any advice!


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    From my experience and discussing with others, I've never heard someone say, "I wish I started weight training later." Everyone wishes they started earlier, even if they had weight to lose still. If you're thinking about it, then mentally, you're motivated and ready to begin training! The mind set is what it's all about, so definitely get started. You're looking at excellent programs that are easy for a beginner to integrate into their routine. Weight lifting will help promote fat loss and build muscle at the same time. How often are you hitting the gym these days? 2-4X a week is good for a beginner, especially because you'll need a little more rest & recovery time. Stick to the program and continue with the proper diet choices and you'll be feeling stronger in so many ways in no time!
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    Short answer is, the sooner you start lifting, the sooner you'll see results, regardless of everything else, and the happier you'll be when you get to goal weight. This is true for men, women, young, and old. Have fun!
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    Thank you both, good advice!
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    I definitely agree with the two above me. Shredding fat will be driven by your diet but there is a possibility to gain some muscle since you are obese and a noobie if you are following a structured progressive overload program. You mentioned SL but you can consider others if you like by using the below link.
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    I would suggest you run Starting Strength LP for a few weeks at the very least first. It's a 3x5 program and appropriate level of volume for your experience as of now.

    5x5 isnt exactly where you are. At least until you truly stall with good form. 5x5's have more volume than needed for a novice and will have you stall out sooner than a 3x5 program. If you ran a 3x5LP, you'll finish it it in less than 3 months and be very strong ready for more advanced programming.

    The program you choose to run will have intensity increases built in.

    Also, not every guy is here to shed fat. Some of us focus on strength not aesthetics. Although sometimes we benefit from the process.
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    Just listen to your body and push your limits. There isn't a one size fits all workout or diet so I suggest trying anything and everything and find what you enjoy and gives you the results you are after. When you find a workout and diet that works for you it becomes a lifestyle which will give you better long term results. Best of luck!
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    I've used the same weight when I weighed 300 until now I'm 180, thing was, the more I lost weight, the heavier the very same weight gotten so I've never felt the need to lift heavier.