What do you think about while you exercise?



  • Alidecker
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    When I am lifting, I think about lifting and counting my reps. When I am doing some cardio machine I listen to books. When I swim I think about absolutely nothing, I think it is the only time that ever happens. Sometimes I think about how many laps I have done and how far that is in miles (or portions of miles). When I go to 9Rounds I think about finishing, I also have the distraction of seeing my heartrate on the screen on the gym wall.
  • summersmama2
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    I watch Netflix while I do my cardio (treadmill, elliptical, bike) at the gym. Helps pass time faster!
  • deputy_randolph
    deputy_randolph Posts: 941 Member
    While lifting, I think about nothing. I've heard "get out of your own head" enough times from my trainer that I can shut off my brain...most of the time.

    During cardio, I mostly think about cardio being over.
  • urloved33
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    o this is hard. pray. space out. sing. o this is hard. pray. omg im dieing I have to stop. I can do this. sing. space out etc etc.
  • cbstewart88
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    When I'm on the treadmill, which is very boring, I compose poems in my head. Then I rush home and post them on Facebook. LOL. My FB feed is filled with tons of stream-of-consciousness poetry about anything and everything. Some pretty good. Some not.
  • FireVixen_Fayth
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    My wife mostly, or what ever else my mind wanders too
  • Motorsheen
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    And Football

    .... okay, mostly girls.
  • garystrickland357
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    I’m a teacher. My mind usually follows this pattern (how far I get depends on the length of the exercise):

    In the beginning I think about the kids that frustrated me or that I’m worried about.
    Next I remember it’s not personal and spend time thinking about how to get through to them.
    Next, - oh look, something cool - I start to actually look around and just feel my body. Enjoy the sweat and the effort.
    Next I think about what I’d like to accomplish and set some goals.
    Oh, look another cool thing...
    [email protected]#n I’m tired. How far away is the house?

    What will I cook for supper? How many calories are in the budget?
    Man,It’s good to be home. The world is round and good again.
  • 2baninja
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    I work out in the gym, either watching t.v. or reading a magazine or book, I find the time moves quickest with a good book.
  • mk2fit
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    Running usually clears my head of just about everything. However, I am pretty darn good at thinking of food!
  • Napper6969
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    When I jog I think about how I'll be the only survivor amongst all the fat, lazy, drunken people I know when we're being chased through the woods by a serial killer!
  • SMKing75
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    If I am at the gym, then its "is this over yet". If I am outside, I am just paying attention to my surroundings, my dog, neighbors, wildlife, etc... and possibly "is this over yet". :sweat_smile:
  • MelanieCN77
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    During steady state machine cardio I'm watching TV shows on my iPad. It's almost the only telly I watch any more so it's nice to see some things. Out running or hiking, and sometimes lifting, it's audiobooks and podcasts. I have a lot of things I want to consume and love to multitask :)
  • estherdragonbat
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    Well, when I'm walking, I'm often brainstorming for a fanfic I'm writing. When strength-training, I'm mostly keeping track of reps.

    I'm currently training to run my first 5K and I'm noticing that when I do my once-a-week run with the group, I'm fine a half-step behind the leader. But when I do my other two weekly runs on my own time, when it's just me, pacing is an issue. If there's someone ahead of me on the track, something makes me want to speed up and pass them. This is the first time I've attempted any sort of distance running. I used to be a slightly above-average sprinter in elementary school and there's still something in me that wants to go all out right from the start. So I keep telling myself, "This is a run, not a race. This is a distance run, not a sprint. This is about building stamina, not maximum speed. Just do you." Doesn't completely fix the problem, but it's helping.
  • NorthCascades
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    Anything and everything under the sun. I try to spend 8 hours a week on the bike, and go to the gym at lunch three days a week. So there's a lot of time to think. How much I'm crushing it today, I love my wheels, this is fun, to stuff that happened in my day, or how I'm going to reverse climate change and win a Nobel Prize.
  • BNY721
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    What number was that...did I do my 3rd set or 4th...what song is this..I don’t remember this being on my playlist..ooo I like this song...damn is that rep #7 or #8...am I about to kick the crap out of this guy that’s walking behind me while I am doing these kickbacks...basically “squirrel” every five seconds..but that’s a normal day for me and yet I still get it done so there’s that.
  • RunnerGrl1982
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    Nothing really. Just focused on the next mile in my run and singing along to the music I'm listening to.
  • divcara
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    The muscle group I'm working.... my breathing.... seeing if i can raise my toes another half inch higher or whatever it is I'm working on... I try as much as possible to focus entirely on my workout and escape from every other thought in my head. Exercise is basically my anxiety-relief/adrenaline burn.... the more I can get my mind to laser focus on my physical workout, the better I usually feel after. I like to push so hard that I really can't hang on to a thought in my head - that actually relaxes me, if that makes sense!