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before and after FACE edition



  • Cardioguy81Cardioguy81 Posts: 196Member Member Posts: 196Member Member
    How do you add photos?
  • DoubleUbeaDoubleUbea Posts: 1,128Member, Premium Member Posts: 1,128Member, Premium Member
    dely217 wrote: »
    How do you add photos?

    Insert the image into the post:

    Attach an image or any other file to the post: (doesn't display file, allows for downloading or viewing)
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  • bufgerbufger Posts: 776Member Member Posts: 776Member Member
    I’m not done yet. I’ve got like 20-22kgs left to go, but I had to escape the insanity of work for a moment for a pick me up. So I thought, wth, why not post a kind of “hey maybe I am a little bit successful” picture.

    Besides, sometimes you have to rock your cat ears and say “dang it I’m proud of where I am.”


    And so you should be proud, you've gone from ordinary looking to incredible looking! 😎
  • motivatedmarthamotivatedmartha Posts: 1,094Member Member Posts: 1,094Member Member
  • dhiammarathdhiammarath Posts: 771Member, Premium Member Posts: 771Member, Premium Member
    @motivatedmartha Thank you! I didn't think heads could shrink... LITTLE DID I KNOW. XD

    @bufger Why thank you, kind sir!

    Everyone in this thread has done such incredible work. YAHOO!
  • solieco1solieco1 Posts: 1,312Member, Premium Member Posts: 1,312Member, Premium Member
    I hate posting before and after pics because I find it embarrassing, but I’m trying to get more comfortable with it, so here it is 😬

  • jdubois5351jdubois5351 Posts: 462Member Member Posts: 462Member Member
    It is so amazing how big everybody's eyes seem all of a sudden! Great job, people, you all look amazing!
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