Vegetables: How do you make them exciting?



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    The only time I would boil vegetables is if I'm making mashed potatoes, soup, or stew. They get soggy and flavorless if you boil them to eat as a single ingredient. I like them roasted, stir-fried, braised with mushrooms and potatoes, made into a sauce/spread, part of a dish like shepherd's pie, pastries, soups, stews, dumplings, pierogies...etc. I also like them raw.
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    roast and stir fry - all day every day. every sauce and spice in the world works wonders. Very rarely do I boil. No wonder you get bored.
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    Grill, Roast, Stir Fry and Raw. Only as a last resort do I eat boiled or microwaved veges. Lots of ideas on internet. If you like spice, go for it. Also great In soup, stews etc... Throw in while roasting or baking meat. One of our favorites for years has been when grilling any type of meat. Is to take vege of day, and throw on grill as well. Can do in pans they have for that, or use throw away foil pans, or put in foil. Throw on the spices, the more the merrier. Needs very little oil. I at times will marinate with a bit of flavored water I like to drink, not adding juice, but I am sure that would work too. A bit of cooking wine works as well. Really no strict rules on what you can do to veges as long as you like them.
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    Boiled vegetables = me throwing up in my mouth a bit (sorry for the graphic but bluckkk.)

    No wonder you don't like them. Use all the advice everyone above has suggested.

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    Fantastic advice guys. Brilliant to see such strong community and many helpful suggestions coming!
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    Boiling veggies is IMO the most bland and unappealing way of cooking them. I usually go for steaming, but if you want extra flavour roasting them with a little oil and some herbs/spices goes a long way. I love roasted veg like broccoli, asparagus etc.

    Also, just add them to stuff. You don't have to have them boiled on the side of the main. They can be put into curries, bolognese, soups, shepherds pie, macaroni cheese... literally any main dish you can think of can have some veggies thrown in the middle and all mixed in.
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    In general, my family teases me that my cooking has too many ingredients, but broccoli is something I like relatively plain. I simmer it for 3-4 minutes in a little water, and when it's done add salt, pepper, butter, and lemon juice. I drink the cooking water.

    Other than that and steamed spinach or Swiss chard, I tend to incorporate veggies into something else - stir fry, salad, casserole, smoothie.
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    khronicuk wrote: »
    I'm at a plateau with boiling vegetables. I'm bored!

    I don't not like vegetables but I want to know what more I could do with them.

    Any foodies out there sprinkle some spice into the ratatouille?

    Oh geez vegetables are fun, smoke em, grill em, sauteed with a little balsamic or rice wine. Fresh lemon, lime and/or misc herbs. I love using eggplant to replace apples to make a healthy cobbler. I have a teen and a tween and feed my nephew on a regular basis so I know the veggies are good.
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    One word: MUFFINS!

    You can make great muffins with many vegetables: carrots, zucchini, broccoli, corn, spinach, onions, peppers, etc. Check online for amazing veggie muffins recipes (one of my favorites is a Western Omelette muffin).

    Even if you don't want to do an all-out veggie muffin, you can puree raw veggies and substitute in any muffin or bread recipe. You can just add anywhere from 2 to 4 tablespoons of puree into most baking recipes, which will just add more moisture without affecting any other changes (experiment to see volume that works). Or you can use vegetable purees for fat substitutions: if substituting for a fat, use three-quarters to one cup of vegetable puree for each cup of fat (oil or butter). If you sub out all the fat, check about ten minutes early (they can bake faster without high-level of fats), and you may also try reducing baking temperature by 25 degrees F.

    Of course, you can also add to your daily fruits by putting them in muffins!

  • yirara
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    I never boil veggies because.. well, it takes the taste away and is boring. I cook them in a wok, make soups, roast in oven with just coarse salt and oil, occasionally make a casserole, lots of things really. Just cooked/steamed veggies are absolutely not to my taste.
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    I like to do a nice, simple gazpacho in the summertime: throw some tomato, cucumber, onion, sweet bell pepper (any color) and a garlic clove into a blender and let it rip along with some olive oil, some vinegar or lemon juice, a tiny bit of salt and black pepper. Let it cool down and assimilate in the refrigerator for a while and serve it up. Variations of this include salmorejo and porra.

    Also from the south of Spain is a sort of bruschetta: again, tomato, cucumber, onion and bell pepper (no garlic in this one). Cut them all teeny-tiny, and add olive oil and red wine vinegar. Let it sit for a while, then serve up. The very best part is when you get to soak up the dressing with some nice bread.
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    First, I don't boil them because that seems to make them tasteless. I roast a lot of vegetables with seasonings. Broccoli, cauliflower, squash, asparagus, and brussel sprouts are are great tossed with a little olive oil and herbs then roast them on a cookie sheet. I also like to add vegetables where they aren't usually used. I make a vegetable smoothy of carrots, celery, onion, peppers, and spinach then add that to ground turkey with some homemade whole wheat bread crumbs - it's a tasty meatloaf. Just find a few you like and google recipes. When you're ready, try one or two more vegetables. You might find there are some you thought you hated that you now love.
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    Some things I do - add fresh herbs, or even dried herbs to kick up the flavor. Try cooking them in another way - steam them (only until they are tender crisp). Roast them in the oven. Mix them into salads - last night I had some baby bok choy and I put it into a salad. Put them in eggs - in a frittata, omelet. This time of year, sliced tomatoes are great - top with a tiny amount of Italian dressing or put chopped basil on them. Slice cucumbers and douse them with some white wine vinegar and a little chopped dill. I have found recipes for stuffed zucchini, stuffed eggplant. Make vegetable soup. There are tons of recipes out there. Google!
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    Cut up the veggies you prefer (I like eggplant, zucchini, butternut and red bell peppers) and roast them until soft. Mix together and sprinkle with everything but the bagel seasoning. I promise, that will make you love vegetables. And it’s really pretty.
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    pinuplove wrote: »
    Like this? :lol:

    YES! That was the Three Amigos play the cucumber, broccoli and tomato did, fun and exciting.
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    Don’t boil them or over cook them.
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    I put Braggs Liquid aminos on my vegetables with some garlic powder, chili flakes and then bake at 400 degrees F for like 35-40 minutes.
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    I bought an air fryer and now I roast them. Califlower and Brussel Sprouts are my faves. The Califlower I roast and then put buffalo sauce on them. Brussel Sprouts I put some salt and a little Balsamic Vinegar. Delicious.
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    Well I had this ex-girlfriend who was super adventurous and.....oh sorry it's not that sort of thread.

    Yesterday I used up half a head of cauliflour by roughly chopping it and stir frying it with some green beans, peas and spinach from the freezer.

    I added garlic, ginger, chilli and some curry powder. As a last minute minute change of plan I saw a jar of Lime Pickle in the fridge and added a spoonful of that too.

    It turned out lovely with a spicy lemony depth we really liked.
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    I only boil brocolli and corn. I add a little salt to the water

    Mostly i roast the vegatables. A little salt, pepper and drizzle of olive oil