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  • WorkerDrone83
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    Ugh, I really need to find more diverse news sites. I can only take so many stories about a Kardashian clapping back and people being here for it. Honestly, one is too many.
  • midlomel1971
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    The fact that I've never seen the Milky Way with the naked eye. Is this weird? Am I the only one? It's something I really want to see.
  • empresssue
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    I can't stand when people try to give me directions to a location. Dude, I stopped listening as soon as you said "head North." I'm just going to look it up on my phone, but please, go ahead and try to impress everyone with your local geography knowledge.

    In my day (said in an old shaky voice), there was no google maps. We had to use directions & maps & landmarks.....😆
  • cee134
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  • 4legsRbetterthan2
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    hey @Caporegiem if you sucker a noob please fill them in on the joke, I think the really bought it that time
  • orekosi3485
    orekosi3485 Posts: 354 Member
    My lunch is almost here and I'm giddy like a school girl

    What was for lunch?
  • orekosi3485
    orekosi3485 Posts: 354 Member
    Right now, I'm thinking about going somewhere. I don't know where but I don't want to be here doing this...maybe a road trip wherever until I decide that it's time to turn back. I don't know.
  • AliNouveau
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    A very good friend lost his sister this week
    Another good friend lost his dad yesterday
    My brother out down our family dog
    Another friend put down her ailing dog today.
    That's enough grim reaper. Enough!!
  • R3d_butt3rfly
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    If our schedules align tomorrow, will I have the pleasure of meeting @skctilidie ;)
  • skctilidie
    skctilidie Posts: 1,405 Member
    If our schedules align tomorrow, will I have the pleasure of meeting @skctilidie ;)

    I’m hoping so! Heading to bed now and we’ll hit the road as early as we can in the morning. 😊
  • bigrichieAF28
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  • mojo4717
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    Plasterer is coming at the crack of dawn on a Sunday ? What happened to resting on the sabbath? 🙄
  • mustacheU2Lift
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    Gotta clean up...you wouldve thought i had a house party 😐
  • AliNouveau
    AliNouveau Posts: 36,287 Member
    Cigarettes are icky