Not very sore

In the gym I practice good form and getting 8-12 reps and I can definitely feel it during the workout and my strength decreasing throughout as I push myself but afterwards I feel pretty normal and not as sore as I think I should. Is that normal or am I doing something wrong?


  • middlehaitch
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    Feeling sore isn't an indication of progress.
    If you have been running a progressive programme using the 8 to 12 rep range before increasing weight, similar to AllPro, once your body has acclimated to the lifts DOMS should be minimal.

    I rarely get DOMS when lifting consistently. Taking a 2month vacation break- that's a different story. I groan the first week back.

    Just make sure you are following your programme as written.

    Cheers, h.
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    Do you increase weight across the sets? Like starting light and ending heavy or start at your max and go lighter if you have more reps and can’t push out with your weight?
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    Nope. I increase my weights every 5 weeks. Each week consists of a heavy medium and light day.
    I start with 8 reps and each week my reps increase until I hit 12, then I add weight.
    If I fail to hit 12 on a lift on my heavy day, I repeat that weight for that lift only.
    Or, I may do a week of 2 days heavy to get that lift up to scratch, it depends how it failed.

    Cheers, h.

    ETA: If you are not following a programme, your progress may be better if you chose one of these:-
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    Soreness is not the key to gains.
    Making sure that your have perfect form and also making sure you are targeting the muscle group that your trying to work on. Iv'e had many occasions were i was left thinking that if i'm not sore i'm not growing but it is not that at all. Just make sure you are doing the major exercises for your your targeted muscle group.
  • LiftHeavyThings27105
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    As a general comment, the fact that you are not sore simply means that you are strong enough to do whatever you were doing. For example, I used to do powerlifting but took a pole dancing class at one of the local Gentlemen's Clubs (might just know the "instructor" who holds a class on Sundays for the new girls). It was a lot of fun and I really sucked...but I was not sore after doing this. All the girls asked me if I were sore. No, I was not. And three days later when I saw most of them again they, I was never sore from that Sunday lesson. Now, that does not mean that it was not a work out. It was! But I was strong enough - generally speaking - to handle it all. Likely - and, again, being very general - something similar is going on for you.

    So, how you do your training is up to you. Sometimes I like to do the pyramid (start at 135lbs, go up to 155lbs, go up to 185lbs, go up to 205lbs, go down to 185lbs, go down to 155lbs) or sometimes I like to do the same weight for five or six sets. All depends on that day, how I feel and what the plan is. Make sure that recovery is part of your plan. Find what works for you.