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    So I lost 50 pounds originally just by doing CICO on here over a year and a half. I gained almost all of it back and I’m tying to figure out the best way to lose it quickly again.

    I know people who have lost very quickly on th ketogenic diet and I was wondering what people’s experience with it was? Like I would obviously still be using CICO in congruence with it.

    What I find to be the that people need to find what works for them. I follow the Ketogenic way because I have high A1C and insulin resistance. So, there was | is a medical reason for me investigating and ultimately implementing this. I looked for about two months...there is SOOOOO much info out there about Keto (and lots of it is hokey pokey).

    Anyway, back to the point.....whatever "diet" one decides to follow - I would suggest - the key is find the one that works for you....the one that you can do for the rest of your life. It ain't nothing but a tool, people! Plain and simple.

    Each different "tool" is going to have its features. With Keto, one will quickly lose weight in the first several days because of the lack of carbs, which generally translates - as others have stated - to a depleted glycogen store. In other words, water weight. That goes pretty quickly (with "pretty quickly" being a tad different for all of us...might be four days for me but seven days for you and only two days for someone else). However, generally speaking (and this will be a bit different for all of us....) that super quick "huge" drop in weight is not likely going to continue. And this is where people loose interest. Or, think that they are doing something wrong. A big part of that is (A) the need for immediate gratification that so many have and (B) the ignorance out there (of which I am a part) and (C) the horribly set - and this is going to sound weird, structurally - set of expectations that so many have (partly due to their ignorance and partly because of all the crapolla our there).

    I enjoy Keto. It is not a problem for me to eat that way. All day. Everyday. Sounds like a good way....for me.

    Now, and you are on to this (but so many are not), it is still all about that "energy balance". If you consume more than you burn - regardless of any tool that you might be using - then you will gain weight. That is pretty simple!

    I mean, hold a pen in your hand and drop it. Does it hit the ground? Yes. And it will every time, right? come the comments about being in a zero gravity room or about being on some other planet (or star!).....talking about here on Earth!

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    The only difference between keto and the diet you were on the first time is that keto gives you fast water weight loss in the beginning and that it requires you to eat fewer carbs. Not much of a difference in the long term unless you feel one diet or the other is easier for you. Try keto and see, then pick what's easier.