Sides for fish?



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    What are some good sides for fish besides rice or broccoli? That's how I usually make it. Im making tilapia tonight.

    Haha I was going to suggest rice & broccoli. How about grilled zucchini or roasted brussels sprouts with balsamic vinegar?
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    I like to make fish tacos. Also, white beans with hamhock and hushpuppies if frying. Baked, I typically stick with grilled veggies as mentioned above. Instead of rice, perhaps some type of potato casserole, or just plain ol' Brit chips!
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    I personally love making Tilapia into fish Tacos. Marinate the tilapia in lime, cumin and Olive Oil and then grill. Use Corn Tortillas and serve with a simple Mango salsa (mango, red pepper, red onion, fresh grilled corn off the cob and some cilantro - just a bit of frozen orange/pineapple juice -- amazing stuff and addicting too). Just some cabbage for crunch and sour cream with lime juice and cumin. Make it easier by just using a bottled Pineapple or Mango salsa, cabbage and sour cream. If you grill the corn tortillas they hold up better to the fish/salsa and won't fall apart.

    Two good Summer side dishes are a cold kale salad - Kale shredded, mango, cranberries and a citrus dressing (I just use Olive Oil, some ACV and a bit of honey blended with garlic and honey mustard). Garnish with slivered almonds.

    Another is Jicama Salad - Jicama, cucumbers (seeds cut out) and pineapple. Equal parts of all three and then with some Cilantro and Citrus dressing (similar to above, I like OJ/Pineapple a lot for this too). Just make sure that the Jicama isn't being refrigerated -- are you hearing me Kroger?? Refrigeration ruins Jicama. Turns it brown and nasty -- worthless if it's been refrigerated. It's a darn potato! You don't refrigerate potatoes!! (OK, Kroger produce vent over...).
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    I like to top my fish with a fruit salsa. I make mango or watermelon then serve it with a side of spicy quinuoa.
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    spaghetti squash, potatoes, sweet potatoes, hash browns, corn on the cob.
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    Anything... I've been on a roasted veg kick. Just a mixture of whatever sounds good. This week, it's broccoli, carrots, red onion, mushrooms and zucchini. Baked potatoes. Fried potatoes. Salad. Pasta salad. Rolls. Cornbread.
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    smolmaus wrote: »
    spiralised sweet potato (roasted with a few sprays of oil, cayenne, paprika, s+p). I made the sweet potato into a little nest and popped an egg yolk in there for the last 5-7 mins of roasting

    Imma stealing that one...

    Yea... that sounds delightful...
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    Hmmm part of me would say it depends on the fish - but another part of me would say absolutely anything!

    Some favourites in our house:

    Beetroot is great with oily fish like salmon and mackerel (and horesradish and dill also work very nicely with all 3 of those). For example, we might buy pre-cooked beetroot, grate it and dress with balsamic vinegar. Or I make fritters out of beetroot, carrot, potato and onion - grate them, squeeze out the water, bind with egg and I cook in my air frier or can be pan fried. The fritters are lovely with salmon - especially served with a little greek yoghurt mixed with crushed garlic and dill fronds.

    Seabass is always fabulous with thai flavours, so marinate it and serve with stir fry veg (and rice/noodles if you wish). Salmon and prawns also work very well with stir fry - try pairing with teryaki or sweet chilli sauces, both easily available.

    Cod or other white fish, we sometimes coat with curry powder and pan fry (good non stick pans can manage without oil!) and serve with a small amount of rice bulked out with mushrooms, chickpeas, onion and parsley (all boiled together in a little veg or chicken stock).

    Tuna is very versatile and suited for piquant flavours, as well as being a meditteranean fish so suited to that style. So great with things like a home made pico de gallo, or with roasted/grilled mediterranean veg.

    Haddock (smoked or otherwise) is classic with spinach - raw or wilted according to preference - and also works well with curry flavours (think kedgeree) so maybe experiment with spiced or curried vegetables - things like lentils, cauliflower, mushrooms, etc are obvious choices but be brave!