What do you think about while you exercise?



  • nicnz
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    Am at the gym 5-6x a week - it varies, if I'm the one instructing the group fitness class it's multitasking ..thinking what's the next move & pushing/motivating the participants. Otherwise it's either "ouch this is hard" or not hell of a lot if I'm participant myself 😉.
  • pondee629
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    "What do you think about while you exercise?" Completing my next rep with good form.
  • hesn92
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    When I do strength I just think about what I'm doing. Focusing on my form and using the right muscles, counting my reps and forgetting what number I'm on. When I run I'm not really sure what I think about. It's interesting being out there alone with my thoughts. Next time I run I'll try to remember what I'm thinking about LOL.
  • Crafty_camper123
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    Thoughts In the background- It's making sure my form is okay from what I can tell, and that I am breathing properly.

    The thoughts in the foreground usually consist of my brain going 100 miles an hour to the tune of:
    "OMG I'M OUT OF BREATH!" "Relax, it's not an asthma attack, just keep going!" "WAIT-YES IT IS SLOW DOWN!" *Slows down- wasn't an asthma attack* "OMG THIS MOVE SUUUUCCCKS... F THIS! I CANT DO IT!" "Wait- I did it! & I'M NOT DEAD!!!!" "Hey...I'm not out of breath! OW MY CALF" "Okay 30 More seconds/ One more rep- Then rest!" "Keep going! "Must... Burn.. Off.... Ice cream...."

    If I'm just walking, I don't think about much, other then then trying to keep my dogs from pulling our arms off, and keeping them out of trouble.
  • lorrpb
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    Getting through the next rep in the weight room or the next stroke in the pool 🏋🏻‍♀️🏊‍♂️
  • AnnPT77
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    I usually row bow (i.e. I steer) in a double. If I'm not yacking at my double partner (about technique, steering commands or just chit-chat), then I'm thinking about:

    * Not hitting things (I'm facing backwards, remember) like floating branches, large waterfowl, fishing lines coming from the bank, etc.
    * Not being hit by powerboats or other rowers/canoeists/kayakers, and occasionally airborne large waterfowl.
    * My technique: Clean catch, catch then press, get full arms/body out of the release before sliding on recovery, no "training wheels", light hands, clean release, etc. ad infinitum - Generally, "Why does my rowing suck? Stop sucking!"
    * "Where is the bald eagle the other double said was out here?" "Are those the swans up there?" "What are those giant pink flowers in the wildflower planting?" "Why are there so many grabby weeds out here?" "There's a deer/heron!"
    * Looking for the newer rowers that we invite to row with us so we can help them, to make sure they haven't flipped their singles.
    * Whether I have an assured clear line for us to run another power piece.
    * What the stroke count is in the current power piece or rest interval.

    . . . and much more.

    In spin class, I'm mostly thinking "Go harder, *baby-feline* it!" I ride with my eyes closed, because I can.
  • thereshegoesagain
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    I recently moved to a small town in a new state where I'm renting until I decide if I want to buy a home here. I walk 5-6 miles a day, along streets through neighbor hoods that are new to me, talk to people and try to get a feel for the town. I notice what plants grow well, what type of birds are here and have seen several bugs I've never seen before. So far, I like this town alot!
  • Willbenchforcupcakes
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    When I’m benching, I’m analyzing the video of my last set. Everything else, reminding myself that podium spots aren’t earned by taking it easy.
  • CNG24
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    Inappropriate things...seriously...or I think about stories and books. Strange one, I am!
  • DebTavares
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    I think about pushing myself harder and how great I will feel after my shower.
  • s1im62
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    My workouts lately have consisted mainly of mulching flower beds, and mowing tall grass. So I mostly think of watching out for snakes.
  • Sugoiharris
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    I try not to think about anything while I'm working out. I focus better and workout harder when I just completely clear my head and focus on the task at hand.
  • JeromeBarry1
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    I generally think about whatever is on my tv. Lately, I use the cardio machines during plays/replays of baseball games.
  • MagnumOpus1
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    Good question. I guess I'm just focused on my workout and visualize myself completing the set ahead of me. When I'm resting I may briefly scope the gym for some eye candy or just banter with my training pals.
  • PennyP312
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    Such an interesting question!
    During heavy compounds I’m telling myself how light the weight is, how I have moved it before and I can do it again.
    During accessories (which I find so boring!) I just count reps and really try and focus on the muscle.
    Cardio, who knows! I’ll have to pay more attention next time.
  • NorthCascades
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    "I shouldn't be breathing in this smoke."
  • gillmand2017
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    Doing weights it's all about the form and during rest it's all about telling myself the next set is easy because I've just lifted that weight before. The best thought is on the final rep of the final set when I think, yeah I was right this was easy, can't weight until next time.
  • Zoejohnse91
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    If I'm lifting I'm counting reps and watching form so no real thoughts but if I'm doing cardio it's usually 'god when will this end?!' :D
    I usually listen to a podcast called The Infinite Monkey Cage which is a brilliant fun science discussion panel. I agree with a previous post - workout music is terrible! I really dislike the dance tracks that are associated with the gym. I actually downloaded a classical workout album and a rock one B)
  • VUA21
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    How far do I have to run for that slice of cheesecake in the fridge. Tom Hardy has a nice body. Should I run around the water sprinkler or through it? Too late, ahhh that felt good. Would it be weirder to have two bellybuttons or no bellybutton? If a man and a women get together and both have gender reassignment surgery, is it a same-sex relationship? A different sex relationship? Or both? Why do we see faces in clouds? That new burger place looks good. Hey, a cat!...

    Yeah I'm full on "SQUIRREL!!!" mode.
  • Tisha247
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    Pace and rhythm and that's it