What to do after overeating



  • whitpauly
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    Ugh,I feel you cuz I've had one of those days today where I just can't get full! Not craving anything in particular just have the munchies and I'll admit it's stressing me out a bit but I'll listen to the advice given to you
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    Don't beat yourself up over it. Just don't do it again the following day.
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    just workout, it's good for you and it'll ease your mind knowing you burnt those extra calories.
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    I’m right there with you... I have been up and down the scale so much since starting on here and I really wish I would have listened to all this advice being given how to you. Keep calm and move on... no harm done. Life is balance and the more guilty we feel, the worse the whole situation can be.
  • Giantorange
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    I don't worry about it, I'm not on a crash diet, if I go out and have a few beers and a massive curry once in a blue moon, the socializing will do me more good mentally than a weeks hard dieting will physically.

    Just try not to let it happen too often. It's a lot easier to overeat by 2KKcal than to exercise it off or to diet it back
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    Move on, but first log it! Logging isn't just for feeling good when we're on track, it's also for keeping us accountable when we're not!
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    Accept it and move on. If I overeat one day there's nothing I can do to change it, so I don't let it get to me. Also, just like one day of eating at a deficit isn't going to magically make me achieve my goals, one day of overeating isn't going to ruin all my progress.
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    Be kind to yourself. Crap like that happens, it's not the end of the world. Get up, dust yourself off and carry on with your normal regime.

    I love how someone clicked WOO to this advice. Lol some people..
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    Exercise. Even if it's just walking.

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  • DebTavares
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    I try to look at things as meal to meal now, as opposed to my diet starting on "Mondays" or the next day when I have overeaten. What I mean is that if I mess up, I get right back on the plan for my next meal, including sticking to any scheduled exercise. In the past, for example, if I were to mess up at lunch I would see the whole day as "ruined" anyway and would continue the feast until night and skip any scheduled workouts. Now if I do that I get back on track for dinner and will still go to the gym. I don't claw back calories though to make up for the overeating....I am just back on track on the next meal. This is one of the ways that I have done away with the all or nothing thinking. It's more of looking at weight loss over a longer time period instead of day to day. I think of how the calories burned on those workouts that I still go to even if I have messed up with my eating will add up over a year.
  • arrghmatey1
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    Honestly just move on and own it.
    Can't change yesterday. If you have been diligent so far your rebound may be minimal or none at all.
    There is some slack in the chain so to speak. Momentum doesn't just turn on a dime and it depends which way you were trending when the event occurred.
    A more important question you should be asking yourself is was it conscious decision?
    People overeat for various reasons.
    1. You just wanted it. (Thats cool so own it and move on.)
    2. You were responding to emotional trauma or stress? (Not so cool but learn to recognize it and move on)
    3. You were having something like an out of body experience where you watched yourself do it but could not stop. (This is really uncool and needs to be dealt with immediately. It is signalling that your regimen is way to strict and I realize that many of the female persuasion don't have a lot of area to work in with the minimal diet being 1200 calories and their TDEE being around say 1300 to 1500 calories but there are ways around that like exercise or macro manipulation with the bottom line being you may just have to accept a slower weight loss if the other options aren't available.)
    Hope this helps just remember in weight loss I have found the farther you can get away from injecting emotion into it the better.

  • SweatLikeDog
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    Forget the past. It's gone. Take a lesson from the recovery plan of those insane competitive eaters: