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Personal Trainers with Facial Piercings??

paulduddy54paulduddy54 Member Posts: 12 Member Member Posts: 12 Member
I am training to become a PT next year and I have a double lip piercing on one side.

Now to me piercings and tattoos do not in any way impact how I view or judge somebody. However I am aware that some people would be put off by them (for example my mum says and I quote, "that's disgusting") now she says that in a way I know she doesn't judge me BUT I want to know what the majority of people think?...

My question is, would you be be put off/not approach someone for personal training if they had facial piercings?


  • elizabethmcopelandelizabethmcopeland Member, Premium Posts: 167 Member Member, Premium Posts: 167 Member
    Frankly it depends on who you want to coach.

    As a 31yo queer woman, I think lip piercings are hottt; however, I personally don't need a PT.

    It's possible the market where you're physically located IS women like your mother. I don't think there's any shame in taking it out to meet a client so you have a cleaner appearance and then you can gauge their personality first.

    I personally wouldn't want to coach people who would judge on piercings or tattoos, but sometimes a job's a job.
  • LounmounLounmoun Member Posts: 8,428 Member Member Posts: 8,428 Member
    My question is, would you be be put off/not approach someone for personal training if they had facial piercings?

    I don't think it would make a difference to me.
    If you are concerned that it might put off some people can you not wear your jewelry during your working hours?

  • SuzySunshine99SuzySunshine99 Member Posts: 2,481 Member Member Posts: 2,481 Member
    While it wouldn't put me off, I might be a little nervous for safety reasons. Is there any concern that the piercings could get caught on equipment or clothing during the training sessions? I guess I just remember always being told to take out my earrings when working out or playing sports.
  • tinkerbellang83tinkerbellang83 Member Posts: 8,924 Member Member Posts: 8,924 Member
    ninerbuff wrote: »
    As a PT in the business for quite some time, I don't have any piercings or tattoos, so I can only give you what I've observed over the time with different gyms. I train a lot of genres of people: young, old, overweight, fit, etc. So what really depends more is how you're training them and the results you're getting. BUT, realize that people make judgements on first impressions. I would say people under 50 may not care about your piercings, but anyone over probably may see it differently. Which makes it funny because I have the MOST clients over 50 amongst my peers. That's anecdotal though. I've also been turned away because someone felt I was too bulky and they assumed I would train them that way. So it may be that you have to experiment some. If you're getting a lot of good interaction, then it may be fine. If people are avoiding you, then you may want to take it out while you're on duty. Good luck!

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    I used to think that about the older generations but most of the compliments I get on my ink are from the older generations.

    OP - To be fair tattoos and piercings are a whole lot less taboo than they used to be and as someone else already mentioned it will serve as an as* hole detector. I don't think it's going to make any major impact to your ability to drum up trade.
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  • jemhhjemhh Member Posts: 14,273 Member Member Posts: 14,273 Member
    I'm likely in your mom's demographic (middle aged woman) and it wouldn't bug me. My mom would probably notice and describe it in a whisper to me ("*He's such a nice young man. Do you know he has a *lip piercing! Two of them!*") but it wouldn't put her off having you as a trainer.

    I'm sure it will vary widely though, same as with anything. I'm continually surprised at the things that people notice about others at work that I don't notice until people point them out to me and even then 90% of the time my response is "so what?"
  • IHaveMyActTogetherIHaveMyActTogether Member Posts: 945 Member Member Posts: 945 Member
    The THENX guy is a lot more extreme than lip piercings and he's the go to guy for calisthenics. Shown below without his ear gauges:

  • janejellyrolljanejellyroll Member Posts: 25,882 Member Member Posts: 25,882 Member
    Another middle-aged woman here, I 100% would not care about how many piercings a potential PT had.

    For context, I've got several tattoos and a pierced nostril.
  • ruqayyahsmumruqayyahsmum Member Posts: 1,490 Member Member Posts: 1,490 Member
    If I'm hiring a personal trainer it's for Thier knowledge and skills not for what they look like
  • elsie6hickmanelsie6hickman Member Posts: 3,863 Member Member Posts: 3,863 Member
    I'm 63 and it wouldn't bother me. Piercings and tattoos are just the norm. If you look and smell clean and you are a good trainer, that would be what I care about. If you had a tongue stud, I would probably ask you about it - like did it hurt, and what does it feel like having that in your mouth all the time, but I wouldn't be judging; I really wonder about those things. Besides, I have pierced ears, so why should I judge someone else.
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