Do people ever criticize the way you choose to eat?

Just curious.


  • HoneyBadger302
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    I get both good and bad comments. My chosen method of eating isn't the most popular, or most common, and certainly doesn't work for everyone, but it DOES work for me, and is working very well.

    But since it's not what people are "used" to seeing or talking about, they can poo-poo it.

    Others see the positives of it, how it is working, how it's easy for me to keep up, and they think it's great (even if it wouldn't work for them).
  • PennyP312
    PennyP312 Posts: 161 Member
    People are shocked I use a food scale. Although I’ve been using one for years so I havnt heard a weird comment in a long time.
  • JeromeBarry1
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    Not that I remember. I've had kinfolks say I was too skinny, back when I was under 170. They weren't complaining about how or what I ate, just how much and how often.
  • goals15000
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    I don’t get why people would let someone else have that much power over them esp over food. I don’t care if ppl critique my food or suggest something to me because I know their either uneducated Or whatever it is it’s not that serious for me
  • siobhanaoife
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    Ohhhh yeah. I get a lot of
    - oh go ahead, you can have more than that
    - come on, it's delicious!
    - don't you want some? really?
    - are you sure that's enough?
    - you've got to be about at your goal weight by now, time to lighten up with the dieting!

    I blithely go ahead anyway.
  • sardelsa
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    Nope, not to my face at least.