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    Just wanted to pop in and say good job to those making strides in moderating, abstaining, and/or supporting others in their individual goals. This thread and group were a great support to me early on in the year.

    WineGelato I have been thinking of you wondering how you are. I always loved your posts and informative input. Don't stay away so long. :)
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    Great to hear from you, @WinoGelato

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    You all ROCK!!!! Keep it going because I still love hearing/reading everyone's post. Each one has a special message.
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    Well this is a quiet Sunday in here. Nice to see a new face. Welcome@lauragreenbaum glad you are here and might I say 7 month is a good victory to go AF. Life does hand us an obstacle course at times but with good strategy you can get around it.

    Great thoughts and suggestions @Ke22yB. I try to keep my responses short and sweet. No one wants to hear a book as to why they are drinking and we are not.

    Good job @txmoonstar. I used to inhale everything I drank, even coffee. Not sure why but I have slowed down too.

    Today marks 14 of being AF. It seemed a pretty easy 2 weeks because I had no events to go to that were overly alcohol intense. I told a friend today I am better and happier drinking if and when I want rather than when it is expected of me when I am out.

    Also today marks 235 days of everyday check in to MFP. Things are looking up uP UP!
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    Last night I took the advice and savored each taste. I usually gulp but this time I sipped and enjoyed 2 glasses of wine over a few hours. Of course as the evening progressed and my stress level went up, I drank 6 beers.

    @txmoonstar Great try!! Keep at it.

    Try to be aware that each drink makes us less able to resist another drink.
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    Good morning, everyone. Just catching up here. Love reading the posts and many are so inspiring. I had a pretty challenging weekend. Hurricane Florence passed through our area. We are in the Charlotte area, so we had mostly rain rain rain. Not nearly as bad here as our friends on the coast. I was very proud of myself that I did not drink my way through the entire storm. My sweetie and I had a couple glasses of wine on Friday evening. On Saturday, I had nothing. We spent most of that day and evening at the hospital awaiting the arrival of my sweet grandson. Yesterday, I had a glass with dinner and a glass after dinner. So, while I did not stay completely AF over the weekend, I definitely stayed within moderation. I have realized if I can keep myself busy when I hit those trigger times, I don't have time to think about the wine. Now, even though I kept the wine consumption under control, we are not even going to discuss the hurricane snacking. Let's just pretend that didn't happen :D
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    donimfp: appreciate this & I agree - for me it seems that dependency, even with less alcohol, is still there after all these weeks of tapering & I want it gone-Congrats on 48 days AF too, wonderful accomplishment!
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    Just went to the new "Sober" forum. 9 pages in, I got so depressed I had to quit reading. Not sure why the thought of never drinking again was such a downer. I never got to the point of staggering drunk or blackouts, I just drank so much that it affected my weight and budget.
    Beginning month #4 of AF with no intention of staying that way forever. Looking forward to enjoying a well-sauced dish of spaghetti squash with a glass of Chianti next month. And then leaving the table !! [crossing fingers]

    Getting over my sads by cleaning out a closet until Cat tells me it's time for a lap-sit.

    Congratulation and hugs to all those who are meeting their goals, and those who are doing Day One one more time.
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    frankly, i have more friends with my friends of bill w than with anyone who drinks-typically. there are exceptions
    don't just cut something out of your life. fill it with something beneficial. imho