Does anyone have any cheap and simple Keto friendly recipes or general snack ideas?


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    Does anyone have any cheap and simple Keto friendly recipes or general snack ideas?

    Maybe do a search in the Recipes thread?
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    Pork skins, nuts
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    Deviled eggs
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    One of the easiest things I’ve made that is very versatile is chicken breasts with a jar of salsa cooked in a crock pot. I usually good 4 chicken breasts per one jar of salsa. You can eat it as a base for taco salad or by itself with cheddar cheese melted in it. I’m sure there is much more you can do too.
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    Nuts, cheese, deli meats, can of seafood, pickles, olives, nut butters on celery, veggies in cheese and sour cream dip, pork rinds and dip, eggs, leftovers, seeds, salads....

    There really is a lot of good foods out there that work. Human friendly foods....
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    If you’re on fb, search for that low carb life and easy Keto/low carb recipes. Both have some easy to follow, delicious recipes, although there are some recipes that have a lot of steps. You just have to look! There are plenty one pan and crockpot meals. I also made some amazing peanut butter cookies yesterday that have been satisfying my sweet tooth and carb cravings!
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    One of my favorite meals is ground beef (hamburger), egg, bacon and guac.

    Around here, chicken thighs, legs and breast is fairly cheap.. add some shredded cheese and good to go.
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    oriole77 wrote: »
    I would like to see a "Fitness Pal" with calorie, carb, fat, sugar targets for a good keto approach.

    Since MFP does not promote any one way of eat like CICI, Keto, etc the info is more general so you can run with it in the direction that you prefer. There are sub forums on MFP of most any Way Of Eating because there is no one WOE that works for everyone in the world it seems.

    Keep on the path you are on with an open mind and see where you wind up down the road. Our bodies can train us how to eat for the best health if we go slow and listen to it based on my personal experience over the years.