Looking for friends also on the keto diet! :]



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    @postolache, the hardest thing is sweets for me also. I started in June and it’s actually easier that I thought, keeping my carbs at about 20 percent, sometimes slightly higher...
    So far this week is without much sugar. Just a small dark chocolate 85%.

  • postolache
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    dmcnur wrote: »
    I have been Keto since November 2017. I started at 92.8kg with a goal of 60kg. I am 62years old and 5'3". I reached my goal weight in a little over 8 months. My current weight is 57.8kg and I am now in maintenance mode. I still keep carbs very restricted at 20-25g net per day.
    Good luck with it all. I hope you succeed.
    That is inspiring. Thanks for sharing it.
    I'm only 41 but need to. Get down from 97 to around 75 ... So far I'm at 90kgs after 2-3 months, but not tracking macros religious :(

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    I have tried keto before and was successful short term. I just started it again today, I'd be happy to join your journey and miss carbs together! Feel free to add me.
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    Since May I have gone on low carb dieting. By August lost 10 lbs. Since that time, I have gone on Keto. For the first day, I suffered from Keto flu. Very dizzy! I followed the advice I found on a website, and it stopped after one day. I would like to lose an additional 10 lbs. All toll, I have already lost almost 20 lbs. After the “flu”, I am finding Keto easy to do, and using MyFitnessPal to keep track of everything.
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    loving keto and have been doing on and off since april! please check out cooking keto with christie (she is literally the keto guru!)
    also she has step by step cooking guides on youtube!!!
    plus, do NOT be afraid of bullet proof coffee.....i start my day with one, everyday!!!
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    I’ve been doing keto for month and a half and it does work. Already lost 13 lbs. 😬
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    Hi! Just started Keto yesterday. I’m a laco-ovo vegetarian so I feel like all I’m eating is eggs and cheese! I’ve got over 100lbs to lose as an overall goal. Would love to connect with others also on the Keto journey
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    Been doing Keto for about 3 months, mixed with IF. Hard at first but works for me. Feel free to add. based in UK
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    Add me! 😀