Goal weight criticized

I typed this out once and it disappeared, sorry if it’s repost. My goal weight has been criticized three times this week. I want to weigh in the 130’s. I am 5’4”. One person goal weight is much higher than mine at same height, one said I should be satisfied at 150 even though they are 135 at 5’7’. Another said because I have children and am older I should be satisfied w a higher weight. I feel like that is selling myself short. Do they want me to stay fat ? And for what reason? They said not when I asked, just said 130s is too low and skinny. Grrr!


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    Seffell wrote: »
    I tend not to discuss my weight with anyone at all. This way I don't get to hear all their opinions.

    I'm 5'7 and my goal is to get back to 125 which I've been my whole adult life. I don't care who thinks what about it. So I don't talk about it.

    I tried to avoid it but we’re all close and try to support each other and it came up when I said I would def not be happy in the 150’s, as I’ve been there before and wasn’t feeling as healthy as I’d like.
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    Ignore what people are saying and stop discussing with people.
    The best answer, OP. You do you.
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    Just focus on what you want. I don't think there's anything wrong with your height and weight goals. People will throw their opinions out and you may not like them. Ive had my fair share of that experience. Its the whole reason why i stopped asking questions on this site in reguards to my goals and how i can improve. So again just focus on yourself and you will know when its enough.