what your most embarrassing gym story?

whether it was using a workout machine wrong or flying off a machine.

I walked in on a couple having sex in the family bathroom. I always see them around the gym now


  • 81Katz
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    A family walked in on me having sex with Jim.
  • 81Katz
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  • 81Katz
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    Motorsheen wrote: »
    Jim walked in on me having sex with a family.


    .... that's wrong isn't it?


    Best 👍
  • GoodLardy
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    Years ago I worked at a fitness business. I was bent over cleaning a tanning bed and a customer walked past and caught me checking out my own butt in the mirror.
  • go_cubs
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    DebTavares wrote: »
    I wore the same pants 2 days in a row and on the second day the previous day's underwear fell out of my pant leg in the middle of an exercise class. :'(:'(:'(

    Hahaha omg
    This is hilarious and gross

    I’ve had dryer sheets fly out my shorts but not my underwears
  • joemac1988
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    Failed a 585 lb deadlift. Collected myself, shook it off and went back. Failed again. *burns membership card*
  • Versicolour
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    Failed an assisted pull-up. Oh the shame!!!
  • PrincessVamp666
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    The time I forgot my towel?? The time I forgot my work shoes?? The time I forgot to unfasten the emergency stop strap on the treadmill.

    As you can tell I am pretty forgetful.
  • hesn92
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    The time I walked into the mens locker room on accident and some guy came walking out of the shower
  • Danw586 wrote: »
    Vomited in front of everyone during leg day.

    Also gray sweatpants create some uncomfortable moments in the gym.

    Tell me more....
  • hesn92
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    Jruzer wrote: »
    My very first term in college, I took a weightlifting class. The thought was to get one of my PE requirements out of the way, and take an "easier" class to help adjust to college life.

    Instructor was old school and based final grades solely on whether you could perform certain lifts based on your bodyweight - none of this "show improvement crap." I was pretty overweight, and there was no way I could bench my weight no matter how much I trained.

    The day of the "final", everyone watched everyone else do their lifts. The whole class of 30+ people watched me fail to even come close to doing one rep on the bench. Pretty humiliating.

    I barely passed the class - it was my lowest grade of my entire college career.

    Well I definitely would have gotten a big F in that class, jeez.