Has anyone lost weight with exercising at home?



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    I have 2 stone to lose. With a busy working life, huband, kids, I am finding it super hard to stay committed. I work from home now, so I might be able to squeeze some time to work out.

    Has anyone lost weight by working out at home? We have no gym equipment (except for weights). I was hoping to find an online/youtube exercise programme to help me establish a routine.

    Hi. I work from home and what I do every day is BeachbodyOnDemand workouts. They have over 700 workouts to fit your fitness goals and your fitness level. I stream it through my TV using my firestickTV but it can also be streamed on Ipad, or computer. It has helped me immensely. I'm down 30 lbs without really modifying my eating but I just started a Keto eating plan to help me. Currently, I'm doing P90X3 and Oct.1 I'll be starting LIFT4 which is a 30-35 min HIIT and Bodybuilding workout! Good Luck. You can do it!
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    Yes you can I love Leslie Sansone Workouts on YouTube. Their easy on the joints and you feel and see the difference. Good luck
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    BBG- by Kayla Itsines. I lost 20 lbs by doing this. You have to track your calories and be at a calorie deficit to lose weight. Working out is just an add on to that.
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    Sometimes I rode a bicycle away from home and walked or ran a 5k away from home, but mostly it was exercise in the home, the driveway, and the yard.
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    Yup. My preferred cardio is long walks, so if we define "at home" as "not in a gym", I guess that counts. But in the winter, when days are short and streets aren't necessarily safe, or when it's pouring rain, I use the fitness glider in my basement. It's not a fantastic machine, but it's better than nothing. I also have dumbbells in my basement and I work out with those 5 days a week.
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    Yep. I got 2 sets of adjustable dumbbells and used Fitness blender on youtube. I lost 20kg last year. and kept it off this year. You dont have to use FB, there are literally hundreds of channels that do exercise videos.
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    I have a decent amount of equipment at home for working out, but even if you don't, there is plenty that you can do. At the top of this thread is some body weight programs that you can do with minimal equipment:

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    Go for a nice long walk. Walking is free! Let nature be your gym!
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    I'm a home workout warrior. I've been exclusively building my home gym for several years. I both lost and gained weight using my home gym. I've added gear to my gym as I progressed with my fitness level.

    As others have said. Get your diet in order and count calories to lose weight. Use this website it works. You do not actually need to workout. Though I recommend it, it will help your brain and eventually will reshape your muscle structure.

    If you do decide work out at home. I would not spend any money on gear at first with the exception of cheap stuff like resistance bands or step ups. Start out with basic calisthenics like PE class moves you did in school. If you push too hard at first you will be sore all the time and burn out and give up. As you improve you can Eventually get into aerobics, body weight circuits, push ups/pull ups, etc then onto weight lifting and plyo, and athletic training. Its a progression and it takes your entire life to get good at it. Not unlike playing a musical instrument, you will always have new things to learn.
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    Yup, I run outside. I do have a treadmill for the winter inside.
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    The Lumowell workouts on Amazon are great for at home workouts!
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    I lost weight without working out at all. I logged all my food, then I started walking on the treadmill, then I joined a gym.
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    Yes. ~90 lbs with a recumbent stationary bike, calisthenics and lots of walking. If I had to trudge out to a gym at 5am in the winter it would have never happened.
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    I have only ever worked out at home, exercise paired with clean eating and calorie counting has brought me down 40lbs, it can be done without a gym!
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    I work from home and also workout at home. I use the fitnessblender.com website. Hundreds of free videos to pick and choose as you please. When it’s break time, I stand up from my desk, do a workout, then go right back to it after a quick rinse-off. Been doing it for 2-3 years and I’m more toned than I have ever been, even with a desk job (was a bedside nurse before then).

    Good luck to you!

    Yes, it is doable at home!

    I second Fitness Blender. Kelli and Daniel (a husband and wife team of fitness trainers) produce quality videos specific for at home workouts tailored to pretty much every fitness level, with a huge selection of workouts ranging from 8 minutes to almost 2 hours, using a variety of styles.

    At home, I have completely changed my fitness level just with this website. All the other home workout programs I tried were not instructive on how to exercise as a beginner, where I actually learned how to get in a good habit and exercise effectively on my own from Fitness Blender.

    I found Fitness Blender because they had easy to follow along, low impact cardio workouts that were great for when I lived in an upper story apartment. 🤫 Since then, I have never gone back to whatever flailing attempts at gyms and dvds and online video subscriptions that I had done before.

    Also, it is awful advice to say that exercise doesn’t need to be a component in weight loss. Yes, a healthy diet and reduced calories are critical, but I have done the diet-only route before and it pales in comparison to the joy and added motivation you get out of improving overall fitness while losing weight.
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    I lost 23 lbs all at home last year using Daily Burn. There are also tons of free workout videos on YouTube. You definitely don’t need a gym membership.