Should i eat my exercised calories?fitbit synced



  • James_1954
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    I eat back part, but not all. Usually about half. My reason is that I don't think most methods of quantifying caloric expenditure in exercise are really all that accurate and reliable.

    You could probably use feelings of legitimate hunger as a guide. If you find that you're actually hungry (as opposed to bored, or having a snack habit, or whatever), eat 'em back! You must've burned them.
  • Talan79
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    The calories earned back will also depend on what your activity level is set to. If set to not very active you will earn more calories back than lightly active or very active. There was a thread on here somewhere that mentioned what to set to based on steps without exercise.
  • workinonit1956
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    I have a Fitbit Charge 2 synced with MyFitnessPal and I eat all of my exercise calories. I’ve lost 41 pounds since January / 173-132.
    I know some only eat a portion of theirs, I started out eating around 50% or so but I guess I’m lucky in that I can still lose eating all of mine. Best to observe and see how you do.
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  • YOLO145
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    This thread was really helpful. Two months ago I switched jobs and would now consider myself more "lightly active" than "sedentary." I had started to get way more exercise calories than before (Fitbit synced) and couldn't figure out why...but now I know!
  • firecat1987
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    if its the fit bit with the 24 hour hrm then yes i would eat all of them back, that's as accurate as you can get with those types of devices.
  • JadeGxo
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    Wow thanks for all the replies its my first time posting didnt think i would even get a answer 😂 i think i will up my activity level i was only doing like 12000 steps a day but I've up that a lot in the last few weeks today I've done 23000 .. Im going to eat half the added calories for a week or 2 and see how that goes im 5'5 and 194 lbs was just scared incase id gain if i ate them sound for all the advice 😊😊
  • MHarper522
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    I use MFP to log food, but I base my deficit on the total burn Fitbit shows for the day so I don't really look at how much MFP recommends. Basically, if Fitbit says I burned 2700, I eat 1700. That leaves me at a deficit of about 1000 a day, or 2 lbs a week. My weight trend app shows an average loss of 2.5 lbs/week for a deficit of 1200/day, so in my case it is actually underestimating my burn.

    It can take some time to really know how accurate your Fitbit is (that's based on an average across 3 months for me) weightloss is a marathon, not a sprint imo. It's worth finding out if what you're doing is right for you.
  • Francl27
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    Depends how accurate you are in your logging.
  • VUA21
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    Every extra calorie earned is worth eating! If I worked out enough to earn that Snickers bar worth of calories, I'm going to eat it.